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Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:52:13 - General website news.
27/05 - France, Germany push for EU funding for technology start-ups
27/05 - Qualcomm to meet China regulators in push to clear $44 billion NXP deal: sources
27/05 - Tencent chairman pledges to advance China chip industry after ZTE 'wake-up' call: reports
26/05 - Customers angry after National Australia Bank hit by technology outage
26/05 - Tesla seeks to dismiss securities fraud lawsuit: U.S. court document
26/05 - U.S. reaches deal to keep China's ZTE in business: congressional aide
25/05 - Apple sees steep increase in U.S. national security requests
25/05 - Tesla agrees to settle class action over Autopilot billed as 'safer'
25/05 - T-Mobile says ex-Trump campaign manager advising on Sprint merger
25/05 - Exclusive: Tesla flies in new battery production line for Gigafactory
25/05 - U.S. reaches deal to keep Chinese telecom ZTE in business: congressional aide
25/05 - U.S. reached deal to keep Chinese telecom ZTE in business: Congressional aide
25/05 - Exclusive: Total's Saft plans over 200 million euros investment in next generation battery
25/05 - Tesla settles class action lawsuit over 'dangerous' Autopilot system
25/05 - Merkel calls for Germany and China to regear relations for digital era
25/05 - EU privacy law enters into force, activist takes aim
25/05 - Kenya moves to regulate fintech-fuelled lending craze
25/05 - South Africa investigates $80 million bitcoin scam
25/05 - Austrian data privacy activist takes aim at 'forced consent'
25/05 - China to use cornerstones to help Alibaba, Xiaomi list in mainland: sources
Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:50:19 - General website news.
Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:52:19 - General website news.
Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:51:05 - Hardware website news.
Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:51:37 - Digital website news.
25/05 - Documents Reveal Apple Was Aware of iPhone 6 ‘Bendgate’ Issues Before Launch
25/05 - Elon Musk Gets in Spitting Match with Media. It Won’t Be Our Stock that Stumbles.
25/05 - T-Mobile Online Tool Let Anyone Get Customer Info With a Phone Number
25/05 - Apple Blocks Valve’s New Steam Mobile Gaming App
25/05 - Microsoft Fixes Issues With Windows 10 Update on Intel, Toshiba SSDs
25/05 - Report: Essential Cancels Second Phone, May Put Itself Up for Sale
25/05 - Pornhub Launches Free VPN That’s Totally Not Exclusively for Porn
24/05 - ET Memorial Day Deals: Dell 27-inch 144Hz 1440p Monitor for $400, 65-inch Vizio for $600, and more
24/05 - Avast Finds Pre-installed Android Malware on Hundreds of Phones You’ll Never Use
24/05 - Apple’s Self-Driving Car Project With VW is the Sad Trombone Coda to Its Original Plans
24/05 - Uber Self-Driving Car Had 6 Seconds to Avoid Fatal Pedestrian Crash
24/05 - IBM’s AI-Enabled Smartphone Scanner Can Detect Counterfeit Goods
24/05 - Sony Confirms PlayStation 5 At Least 3 Years Away
24/05 - Acer Announces New 13 and 15-Inch Chromebooks
24/05 - Apple’s Next-Generation iPhone SoCs Now in Production
24/05 - 20 Best Games for Laptops and Low-End PCs in 2018
24/05 - ET Deals: Refurb Dell Latitude 12 5289 12.5-Inch Two-in-One Laptop for $620
23/05 - Samsung May Use Wear OS Instead of Tizen on Upcoming Smartwatches
23/05 - ET Deals: Free Phone and Mobile Service at FreedomPop with $9.99 Activation
23/05 - Scientists Use CRISPR to Block HIV Replication Inside Living Cells
Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:52:00 - Hardware website news.
27/05 - Here Is Avast’s Workaround For Windows 10 April 2018 Update Install Failures
27/05 - Android P Beta Hints At A Notchless Pixel 3 With Gesture Refinements
27/05 - iOS 12 Will Reportedly Enable iPhone NFC Chip To Unlock Doors
27/05 - Apple’s Phil Schiller Claims Valve Steam Link Violated App Store Guidelines But There’s Still Hope
27/05 - Ted Dabney, Atari Co-Founder And Video Game Trailblazer, Dies At 81
26/05 - President Trump Throws ZTE A Lifeline Defying US Congress And Intelligence Agencies
26/05 - Detroit Become Human Reviews Offer Praise For Futuristic Android Drama With Gameplay Choice
26/05 - Facebook Developing Custom AI Silicon To Filter Live Video Content
26/05 - Justice Department And FBI Say Reboot Your Router ASAP To Thwart Botnet Attack
26/05 - Battlefield V Dev Says Suck It Up Gamers, Female Characters Are Here To Stay
26/05 - Amazon Gives Convoluted Explanation For Alexa Recording Then Forwarding Private Conversation
25/05 - GPU Shipments Declined Sequentially In Q1, But AMD’s Overall Share Increased
25/05 - T-Mobile Website Glitch Gave Hackers Access To Private Data On Millions Of Customers
25/05 - Acer Nitro 5 15-inch 1080p GTX 1050 Ti Gaming Laptop Is A Fantastic Deal At Just $599
25/05 - Microsoft Blocks Windows 10 April 2018 Update On PCs With Avast Antivirus Installed
25/05 - Steam Store Lists A Depraved School Shooting Game That's Sick And Just Plain Wrong
25/05 - Apple A12 Vortex CPU To Offer Huge Performance Boost Over A11 For 2018 iPhones
25/05 - Lenovo ThinkPad X280 Review: Powerful, Business-Class Ultraportable
25/05 - Windows 10 Redstone 5 Build 17677 Offers Sneak Peek At Microsoft's Fall 2018 Update
25/05 - Samsung Slapped With $539M Order To Pay Apple For iPhone Patent Infringment
Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:52:02 - Hardware website news.
24/05 - TPG 4G signal in the airwaves
24/05 - Circles.Life charges S$6 SIM card delivery and clarifies $0 Flexi plan 3 mths expiry
23/05 - Zero1 introduces Free Roaming App to Singapore with 200 minutes Free Roaming calls till 31 Jul 2018
22/05 - Circles.Life offers Flexi plan of S$32/year for 1GB data, 30 mins and 10 SMS
22/05 - Circles.Life offers a S$32 minimum per year plan for all
22/05 - Honor 10 goes on sale in Singapore at SGD 579
22/05 - LG announces LG Q7 Updated with New Cameras, AI, Hi-Fi Audio, IP68 Rating and Fingerprint Sensor
21/05 - OPPO launches R15 and R15 Pro in Singapore, it goes on sale on 26 May 2018 at $749 and $899 respectively
21/05 - MyRepublic MVNO throttle speed at 256 – 300 Kbps after 1 GB data is used
19/05 - MyRepublic MVNO puts to the test, throttles down to 256 kbps after 1GB is used up
19/05 - MyRepublic MVNO puts to the test
17/05 - M1 Remit now works with MyInfo for a fully digital remittance experience
16/05 - MyRepublic enters Singapore MVNO market with unlimited data plans at $8/mth and S$80/mth plan
14/05 - Dell, HP and Lenovo – will now offer AMD Ryzen PRO mobile and desktop APUs with built-in Radeon Vega graphics in a variety of commercial systems
12/05 - Gigabyte introduces UD PRO series SATA Interface SSDs with built-in DDR3 RAM
11/05 - AMD Ryzen 7 1800X runs well at 3400 MHz on MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC with G Skill DDR4-3400 modules
10/05 - Apple to launch credit cards with Goldman Sachs
09/05 - Xiaomi M1 AI, OnePlus 5T and Huawei Mate 9 tops the list of highest radiation phones
06/05 - Review of Google Home Mini, a smaller powerful voice assistant at an affordable price tag
03/05 - Xiaomi files for IPO in Hong Kong
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Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:50:44 - New technology website news.
25/05 - Huawei has ended the support for bootloaders on its devices
25/05 - Apple reportedly knew about 'bend-gate' before it was a problem
25/05 - GDPR finally comes into effect, applying fully to all businesses operating in EU
25/05 - PornHub launches VPN to keep users' browsing activity safe from prying eyes
25/05 - Mobvoi reveals luxury Wear OS device with second screen
25/05 - Stumbleupon trips over for a final time, aged 16
25/05 - Amazon Echo allegedly records family conversation and forwards to another device
25/05 - Samsung's payment goes up to $539m as the Apple patent circle-jerk continues
25/05 - Andy Rubin puts Essential up for sale - Essential 2 development cancelled
24/05 - Instapaper is latest big name site to close (for now) over GDPR
24/05 - Square launches its Stand in the UK and rocks out to celebrate
24/05 - ICO guide to GDPR crashes website just hours before deadline
24/05 - WhatsApp and Facebook are sharing user data after all and it's legal
24/05 - Microsoft's Xiaoice bot can fool humans into thinking they're talking to a person
24/05 - Eudora saved thanks to open sourcing
24/05 - Facebook asks Brits for their dick pics to stop dick pics
24/05 - Mozilla and Widmer Brothers brew beer based on open-sourced data
24/05 - Amazon is selling facial recognition tech to US rozzers
24/05 - US federal judge rules that President Trump cannot block people on Twitter
24/05 - Acer's stack of Predator and Nitro gaming PC come packing Intel's Coffee Lake chips and Nvidia graphics
Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:50:47 - General website news.
28/05 - NAB mainframe turns its TOESUP* after power outage, offline 7 hours
26/05 - Starbucks site slurped, Z-Wave locks clocked, mad Mac Monero mining malware and much more
26/05 - Starbucks site slurped, Comcast keys clocked, mad Mac Monero mining malware and much more
26/05 - Overhyping AI doctors, language translation goes open source, and new jobs on the cards
26/05 - Apple will start coughing up government app takedown demand stats
25/05 - America's comms watchdog takes on the internet era's real criminals: Pirate pastors
25/05 - Facebook's democracy salvage effort tilts scale in Mississippi primary
25/05 - IBM's Watson Health wing left looking poorly after 'massive' layoffs
25/05 - Epyc fail? We can defeat AMD's virtual machine encryption, say boffins
25/05 - Researchers crack open AMD's server VM encryption
25/05 - Remember that $5,000 you spent on Tesla's Autopilot and then sued when it didn't deliver? We have good news...
25/05 - Remember that $5,000 you spent on Tesla'a Autopilot and then sued when it didn't deliver? We have good news...
25/05 - Doc 'Cluetrain' Searls' privacy engine project is just the ticket for IEEE
25/05 - International Maritime Organisation turns salty gaze on regulating robotic shipping
25/05 - Max Schrems is back: Facebook, Google hit with GDPR complaint
25/05 - UK Home Office's £885m crim records digi effort: A 'masterclass in incompetence'
25/05 - US websites block netizens in Europe: Why are they ghosting EU? It's not you, it's GDPR
25/05 - GDPRmageddon: They think it's all over! Protip, it has only just begun
25/05 - Toaster oven-sized boffin box bound for Mars to search for life
25/05 - The great wearables myth busted: Apps never, ever mattered
Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:50:59 - General website news.
27/05 - Summer is here, and I want a smart air conditioner
27/05 - Thirty Flights of Loving shows how little we still know about the language of games
27/05 - Everything coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in June
27/05 - Holograms, campfire horror stories, and OK Go: the best VR and AR from the Tribeca Film Festival
26/05 - New York City’s subway disaster now has its own 8-bit video game
26/05 - Snow, the Korean Snapchat clone, now has its own version of Animoji
26/05 - 9 new trailers you should watch this week
26/05 - ESPN+ subscription service will broadcast League of Legends competitions starting this summer
26/05 - The hardest part of preparing for disasters is overcoming human nature
26/05 - It’s official: Amazon has saved The Expanse
26/05 - Inside the climate change lawsuit pitting Big Oil against San Francisco and Oakland
26/05 - Memorial Day 2018: the best tech sales to shop this weekend
25/05 - Google Home speakers outsold Amazon’s Echo line for the first time last quarter
25/05 - Battlefield V’s creators: female characters are ‘here to stay’
25/05 - Apple will start reporting government requests to remove apps from the App Store
25/05 - How sensors are giving us another way to peek inside our bodies
25/05 - I don’t know why GDPR is so funny, but it is
25/05 - Facebook’s new political ad rules could upend June 5th primaries
25/05 - Facebook has an official Pepe the Frog policy
25/05 - Vergecast: Elon Musk, dongle conspiracy, and Zuckerberg visits the EU
Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:52:03 - Gadget website news.
28/05 - China Approved More Ivanka Trump Trademarks the Same Week As Daddy’s ZTE Pivot 
28/05 - Vermont Passes First-of-Its-Kind Law to Regulate Data Brokers
27/05 - Watch the Exclusive Premiere of This Delightful DuckTales Short
27/05 - Anker's SoundBuds Curves Run For 12 Hours On a Charge, and Are Only $22 Today
27/05 - Elon Musk's Idea of 'Excellent' Journalism Comes From an Alleged Sex Cult
27/05 - How to Get a Month of iCloud Storage For Free
27/05 - The Trailer for Dark Rising Promises a Diverse, Moody Superhero Epic (UPDATED)
27/05 - Bundle and Save On a Bunch of Popular Anker Charging Gear
27/05 - Against All Odds, ISPs Have Managed to Become Even Less Popular
27/05 - The Practically-Extinct Northern White Rhino Just Got Some Good News
27/05 - Sunday's Best Deals: Sunglasses, Olive Oil, Philips Hue Lights, and More
27/05 - Search For Flights By Legroom With This Chrome Extension
27/05 - Brazil Is Going Full Mad Max As Truckers Protest High Diesel Prices 
26/05 - Astronaut Alan Bean, the Fourth Man to Walk on the Moon, Has Died at 86
26/05 - Venture Bros. is Returning to Adult Swim Sooner Than Expected
26/05 - The First Order Doesn't Have a TIE Bomber, So This Star Wars Fan Designed One for Them
26/05 - French Teens Arrested for Hacking Vevo, Defacing Despacito Music Video
26/05 - Keep Ice Frozen For Over a Week With These Discounted Pelican Coolers, Plus More Gear on Sale
26/05 - Tesla Agrees to Settle Class Action Suit Over 'Essentially Unusable' Autopilot Feature [Updated]
26/05 - The Expanse Has Been Revived by Amazon for a Fourth Season
Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:51:42 - Digital and stock exchange website news.
26/05 - CAST Raises $12.5 Million for Growth Acceleration
26/05 - BlackRock® Canada Announces Final May Cash Distributions for the iShares® Premium Money Market ETF
26/05 - LONGFIN SHAREHOLDER ALERT: CLAIMSFILER REMINDS INVESTORS WITH LOSSES IN EXCESS OF $100,000 of Lead Plaintiff Deadline in Class Action Lawsuit Against Longfin Corp. - LFIN
25/05 - Himax Technologies, Inc. to Attend Cowen and Company 46th Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference on May 30 – 31, 2018
25/05 - BIGBEN INTERACTIVE : Farmer's Dynasty is finally coming to consoles!
25/05 - Lawsuits & Darkened Websites Greet First Day of GDPR, Data443 Offers Solution
25/05 - Kaltura Acquires Rapt Media
25/05 - Datametrex AI Further Disclosure on Contract With Hyundai
25/05 - HelpComm, Inc. Generating Multiple POs from Several Consumer Wireless Carriers
25/05 - Internet of Things Inc. Provides Corporate Update
25/05 - AbacusNext Partners with Baton Rouge Area Bar Associations to Support Military Veterans
25/05 - Teleste Corporation - Managers' Transactions
25/05 - Resonant to Attend at the 15th Annual Craig-Hallum Institutional Investor Conference in Minneapolis on May 30th
25/05 - Relevium Appoints New CFO to Drive Performance  
25/05 - Nuvolo Receives Biggest Deal ServiceNow Store Award
25/05 - INAP to Present at the Craig-Hallum 15th Annual Institutional Investor Conference
25/05 - Nerdio Receives Chicago’s “Best and Brightest Companies To Work For®” Distinction
25/05 - Datametrex AI signs contract with Hyundai
25/05 - CDW to Present at the Baird 2018 Global Consumer, Technology and Services Conference
Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:50:17 - Digital website news.
27/05 - Dell Precision 'Developer Edition' mobile workstations run Ubuntu Linux and are RHEL certified
26/05 - Trump to hit ZTE with $1.3 billion fine before it can operate in the US again
26/05 - Apple to add details of government app takedown requests to transparency report
26/05 - Avast fixes the issue that caused problems with Windows 10 April 2018 Update
26/05 - Mystery donor pledges $1 million to The GNOME Foundation
25/05 - Kaspersky Total Security 2019 cleans misbehaving apps and browser extensions
25/05 - Amazon Echo secretly records couple's conversation... and then sends it on to a contact
25/05 - PayPal now offers payments in Gmail, Google Pay, YouTube and more
25/05 - PNY announces 512GB Elite microSDXC card
25/05 - Some US websites are blocked in the EU as GDPR day arrives
25/05 - Andy Rubin’s Essential is the failure we all knew it would be
24/05 - Microsoft releases Windows 10 Redstone 5 Build 17677 to the Fast ring
24/05 - Microsoft removes ability to comment on popular Major Nelson Xbox gaming blog
24/05 - New consolidated identity system simplifies access to enterprise systems
24/05 - New Windows 10 update addresses problems with SSDs
24/05 - Cryptocurrency not a major threat to enterprises say security professionals
24/05 - Facebook to ask all users to review privacy settings
24/05 - StumbleUpon is closing down -- users can migrate to
24/05 - Microsoft temporarily disables the Windows 10 April 2018 Update on PCs running Avast antivirus
24/05 - WhatsApp bug means you could still receive messages from people you block
Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:50:12 - Hardware website news.
26/05 - Google Takes The Lead Over Amazon in Smart Speaker Market
25/05 - FBI Says Reboot Your Router to Stop Malware Infecting 500k Devices
25/05 - ASUS Chromebox 3 Series Coming in July
25/05 - U.S. to Impose Fine, New Management to ZTE to Keep it in Business
25/05 - Facebook Keeps Working on In-house Chip Designs
25/05 - AMD Increased GPU Market Share in Q1
25/05 - Seagate's New VR Power Drive Adds Capacity and Extends Battery Life of the HTC VIVE Focus VR Headset
25/05 - Samsung Should Pay Apple $539 million in Patent Retrial
24/05 - Amazon Admits Alexa Eavesdropped and Shared Conversation
24/05 - Twitter and Facebook Reveal Measures to Bring Transparency to Political Ads
24/05 - Lenovo's PC Sales Shows Signs of Life, Although Smartphones Sales Remain Low
24/05 - Uber's Self-driving Recognized Pedestrian Late and Failed to Brake: NTSB
24/05 - Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Mobile Platform Brings Artificial Intelligence Features to a New Tier of Smartphones
24/05 - Intel Nervana NNP-L1000 Neural Network Processor Coming in 2019
23/05 - Uber Ends Arizona Self-driving Program
23/05 - Apple to Offer $50 Rebates for iPhone Battery Swaps
23/05 - Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 SoC to be Dedicated to VR and AR Headsets
23/05 - Next@Acer: Acer Debuts Premium Chromebooks, Gaming Desktops and Notebooks
23/05 - LG Display and Google Develop an 18 megapixel 4.3-inch 1443 ppi 120 Hz OLED display for VR
23/05 - IBM Crypto-Anchor Verifier, an AI-enabled Scanner for Visual Clues that Prove an Item's Authenticity
Mise à jour le 28/05/2018 à 02:50:33 - Camera website news.
27/05 - DPReview TV: How to get correct exposure when shooting video
26/05 - Not your ordinary camera bag: Rhake waterproof pack with Camera Capsule insert review
25/05 - Video: How Tony and Chelsea Northrup won $40,000 in image theft lawsuit
25/05 - Sigma announces price and ship date of 105mm F1.4 'bokeh master' Art lens
25/05 - Nikon D5 firmware update adds useful 'recall shooting functions' feature
25/05 - Zeiss launches new lineup of lightweight and compact 'Supreme Prime' lenses
24/05 - HP unveils DesignJet Z6 and Z9+: faster, more efficient large-format photo printers
24/05 - RED simplifies cinema camera lineup, dramatically drops prices
24/05 - Fujifilm X-T100 offers large EVF and phase-detect AF for $600/€600
24/05 - Leaked Panasonic firmware update is made official
23/05 - Video: There's no such thing as lens compression, it's just perspective distortion
23/05 - DJI debunks rumor: Leaked 'Phantom 5' was just a custom-built Phantom 4 Pro
23/05 - Vivo teaser shows bezel-free smartphone with pop-up camera
23/05 - Skylum announces creation of 'Skylum AI' artificial intelligence lab
23/05 - Using four Godox EC-200 extension heads as a quad-flash for beauty and close-up lighting
23/05 - Sony reveals camera strategy: aims to be the top camera brand by 2021
23/05 - HTC unveils the U12+: Brings back the dual-camera and adds 4K 60p video
23/05 - You can now favorite images in Google Photos
23/05 - Apollo app for iOS uses dual-cam depth map to create impressive lighting tricks
22/05 - The new ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 features a 100% Adobe RGB 4K display

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