Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:51:27 - Hardware website news.
16/03 - Power Outage at Samsung’s Fab Destroys 3.5% of Global NAND Flash Output For March
16/03 - Best Laptops: Q1 2018
16/03 - Ian Cutress Talks AMDFlaws and Security on TechTeamGB Weekly News
16/03 - Our Interesting Call with CTS-Labs
15/03 - Change of Strategy: A New GlobalFoundries CEO in Dr. Thomas Caulfield
15/03 - Intel Publishes Spectre & Meltdown Hardware Plans: Fixed Gear Later This Year
14/03 - More Glass: New FSP CMT330 and CMT520 Gaming PC Cases
14/03 - ASUS Starts Sales of ProArt PA32UC LCD with 384 Zone FALD, HDR, & DCI-P3
14/03 - ADATA Announces XPG SX950U SATA SSD
14/03 - Analyzing Threadripper Thermals: Big Base Cooling Wins
13/03 - GIGABYTE Server Launches Three New Density-Focused Servers: Skylake-SP, Choice of NIC
13/03 - Security Researchers Publish Ryzen Flaws, Gave AMD 24 hours Prior Notice
13/03 - The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Gaming Headset Lineup: GameDAC Or Wireless
13/03 - Broadcom-Qualcomm Takeover Blocked By White House on National Security Grounds
12/03 - Microsoft and AMD to Bring FreeSync 2 Support to Xbox One S and Xbox One X This Spring
12/03 - Immersion Server Liquid Cooling: ZTE Makes a Splash at MWC
12/03 - The MSI B350 Tomahawk Motherboard Review: Gaming On a Budget
12/03 - TP-Link Smartphones: Neffos N1 at MWC, with Helio P25 and Dual Camera
12/03 - More Qualcomm Snapdragon 845: AGM's X3 with IP68, Coming Summer 2018
10/03 - Coming March 12th: Tom's Hardware versus AnandTech - Folding@Home Round 2
10/03 - The Intel Optane SSD 800p (58GB & 118GB) Review: Almost The Right Size
09/03 - Opro9 Introduces USB-C Dock & Adapters: from €29 to €109
09/03 - NZXT Expands Kraken AIO Lineup: Their First 360mm AIO, New Kraken M Series
09/03 - The Nokia 8110 4G Hands-On: A Banana Phone for 2018
09/03 - Intel to Discontinue Itanium 9500 ‘Poulson’ CPUs
08/03 - Google Releases Android P Developer Preview
08/03 - Onkyo Demos Tablet with a 12.5-inch 4K Display at MWC
07/03 - Microsoft Announces AI Platform for Windows Developers: Machine Learning On The Edge
07/03 - Vulkan 1.1 Specification Released: Open-source Tools, SDKs, and Launch Driver Support
07/03 - The Ulefone T2 Pro Hands-On: A 6.7-inch Stunner Smartphone
06/03 - China Copying China: Huawo's Mate 10 Pro-a-like
06/03 - AMD Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.3.1: eSports Optimizations with Project ReSX
06/03 - ARM Launches New Mali G52, G31 GPUs, New Display And Video IP
05/03 - The MSI X299 Gaming M7 ACK Motherboard Review: Light up the Night
05/03 - Cat S61 Smartphone Hands-On: First Impressions
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:51:29 - General website news.
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:51:41 - Digital website news.
16/03 - City in Upstate New York Issues Temporary Ban on Bitcoin Mining
16/03 - GM Stations Chevrolet Bolts in Austin for Maven Ridesharing
16/03 - Astronaut’s Gene Expression May Be Permanently Changed by Year in Space
16/03 - A Blockchain-Based Approach to Smart Cities
16/03 - Google Rebrands Android Wear as Wear OS, but the Platform Has Bigger Problems
16/03 - Healthcare at SXSW 2018: Tomorrow’s Promise, Today’s Problems
16/03 - Kepler Spacecraft Will Run Out of Fuel In the Coming Months
15/03 - ET Deals Roundup: Last Chance to Pre-Order Galaxy S9 up to 50 Percent Off, $600 Lenovo Micro Desktop, and more
15/03 - Ford Outlines the Future: More Safety Standard, More Telematics, More Crossovers
15/03 - Logitech Packs All the RGB You Can Handle Into Its New G560 Gaming Speakers
15/03 - AI at SXSW 2018: Of Hives, Ethics, Morals, and the Singularity
15/03 - Audi’s Traffic Light Countdown App Now Works in Washington DC
15/03 - Microsoft Distributing Spectre, Meltdown, Antivirus Updates
15/03 - CTS Labs Responds to Allegations of Bad Faith Over AMD CPU Security Disclosures, Digs Itself a Deeper Hole
15/03 - How to Tell if You Should Use Blockchain in Your Application
14/03 - The Pirated Version of Final Fantasy XV is Much Faster Than the Legal Game
14/03 - 2018 Kia Niro Plug-In Review: An Outstanding Subcompact Crossover
14/03 - Stephen Hawking, Renowned Physicist, Dies at Age 76
14/03 - Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Is More Powerful, Still Just $35
14/03 - Kepler Spots Potentially Habitable Super-Earth Orbiting Nearby Star
14/03 - Verizon Will Fix Broadband Networks, Landlines to Resolve Investigation
14/03 - Startup Nectome Wants to Back Up Your Mind, but First It Has to Kill You
13/03 - Everything Surrounding These New AMD Security Allegations Reeks of a Hit Job
13/03 - AMD’s Ryzen CPUs, Chipsets Allegedly Contain Serious Security Flaws
13/03 - ET Deals Roundup: Amazon Top-Rated Robot Vacuum, $30 Portable Jump-Starter, and more
13/03 - Larry Page’s New Startup Announces ‘Cora’ Autonomous Flying Taxi
13/03 - Google Open Sources Exoplanet-Hunting AI
13/03 - Xbox One X-Enhanced 360 Games Drop Jaws With No Code Changes
13/03 - Report: Nvidia Working on New Cryptocurrency GPUs to Relieve Consumer Market
13/03 - Trump Blocks Broadcom’s Qualcomm Bid, Citing National Security Concerns
13/03 - Elon Musk Wants to Test Falcon Heavy’s Mars-Bound Successor in 2019
13/03 - 2018 Geneva Motor Show: Top 10 Cars for People Richer than Us
12/03 - New Method for Growing Graphene Could Finally Let Us Build Something With It
12/03 - Phantom Secure CEO Busted for Selling Super-Secure Phones to Drug Cartels
12/03 - Three NASA Satellites Used to Model Solar Eruption in 3D
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:51:42 - Hardware website news.
17/03 - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X and 5 2600 Benchmarks got posted in a SiSoftware Review
16/03 - First ASUS AMD X470 Chipset based ROG Motherboard Photo Surfaces
16/03 - ASRock Teases Phantom Gaming Branded Graphics Cards
16/03 - Intel Six Core Mobile Core i9-8950HK, i7-8850H, i7-8750H Cinebench scores leaked
16/03 - ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces ROG Strix Flare
16/03 - AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Got Shortly Listed on Amazon - Available April the 19th
16/03 - Intel Cascade Lake Processors To Get Hardware Protections Against Spectre
16/03 - Tropico 6 gameplay trailer is out
16/03 - The Crew 2 launches June 29
16/03 - COLORFUL SL300 160G Spring L.E. solid state drives
16/03 - Antec Releases H?O Kühler Models K120 and K240
15/03 - Intel and Microsoft release final Spectre Patches up to and including Sandy Bridge
15/03 - Logitech G launches new PC Gaming Speaker with Lightsync
15/03 - Review: MSI B350M Gaming Pro with Ryzen 5 2400G
15/03 - Creative Chosen as official Final Fantasy XV Recommended Gear
15/03 - MSI H310, H370 and B360 motherboards lineup leak online also
15/03 - Both AMD Ryzen 5 2600X and and Ryzen 7 2700X Spotted In GeekBench
15/03 - Samsung power outage causes up to 60,000 wafers damaged for NAND flash memory
15/03 - New CMT330 ATX Gaming PC cases from FSP
15/03 - Antec Releases H?O Kühler Models K120 and K240
14/03 - Upcoming ASRock H370, B360 and H310 motherboards lineup leaks online
14/03 - Cougar Launches the Panzer Evo full tower
14/03 - Fractal Design Introducing the new Meshify C White - TG
14/03 - ECS and Quividi Partner to Provide Quividi-Compatible Digital Signage Hardware
14/03 - AMD Security Vulnerability – The Day After - Seems Financially Motivated
14/03 - Shortage Now Also Pushes Wafer Prices Upwards
14/03 - In-Win WinBot Sphere Chassis Will Actually Go on Sale
14/03 - ADATA XPG Offers Gaming SX950U 3D NAND SSD
14/03 - Physicist Stephen Hawking Dies at age 76
14/03 - Antec Releases H?O Kühler Models K120 and K240
13/03 - 13 Security Vulnerabilities and Manufacturer Backdoors Exposed In AMD Ryzen Processors
13/03 - Antec Releases H?O Kühler Models K120 and K240
13/03 - NVIDIA P102-100 GPU Spotted For Crypto - has 3200 shader cores and 5GB
13/03 - Review: G.Skill Sniper-X DDR4 3600 MHz (16GB Dual Channel)
13/03 - Nvidia cautious that possible cryptocurrency demand might drop
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:51:46 - Hardware website news.
17/03 - Alcatel 1X Android Go Phones Heads To The US Priced From Under $100
17/03 - Microsoft’s New Windows 10 Previews Sport High Efficiency Image Format, Get Sneaky With Edge
17/03 - Fortnite For iOS Is Great Mobile Fun But The PC Master Race Will Wage A Total Blood Bath
16/03 - New York Town Bans Commercial Cryptocurrency Mining After It Torches Its Entire Power Budget
16/03 - ASRock Teases Phantom Gaming Graphics Series With Rumored AMD Radeon GPUs
16/03 - Audi E-tron GT Flagship EV To Challenge Tesla Model S In 2020, E-tron Quattro Launches This Year
16/03 - Fortnite Surges To Top Spot On iOS App Store Despite Being Invite-Only
16/03 - Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review: Impressive Camera, Battery Life And A Funky UI
16/03 - OpenSignal Study Shows T-Mobile And Verizon Battling For 4G LTE Supremacy
16/03 - AMD Ryzen 7 2700 And 2700X 2nd Gen Ryzen Processor Specs, Pricing Leak At Amazon
16/03 - Samsung's Galaxy S9 And S9+ Are Now Available Nationwide, Disney AR Emojis Inbound
16/03 - Intel's Entire Coffee Lake-S Processor Lineup Leaked By Amazon And ASUS
16/03 - PUBG Mobile Game App Surprise Launched In Canada
16/03 - Apple Quietly Bans Iranian iPhone Users From The App Store
15/03 - Microsoft's Cloud Gaming Division Signals Roadmap Plans In Game Streaming Beyond Xbox
15/03 - Ford Teases All-New Bronco Off-Roader, Will Offer Hybrid Versions Of Mustang, F-150 And Explorer
15/03 - Google Opens Pixel 2 AI Sorcery Used For Single-Camera Portrait Mode To Developers
15/03 - Google Proclaims Android Phones Are As Secure As Any iPhone In New Report
15/03 - 2.5 Geeks 3/15/18: Killer SSDs, Galaxy S9 Review, Fishy AMD Chip Flaw, Tiny PCs, Trump Going Nuclear!
15/03 - Linus Torvalds Calls BS On CTS Labs Calling AMD Ryzen Security Flaw Report Pure Stock Manipulation
15/03 - Nest x Yale Lock And Video Doorbell Now Shipping To Combat Growing Amazon Smart Home Threat
15/03 - Intel Releases Spectre-Meltdown Patches For 5 Years Of CPUs, Hardware Fixes Coming For 8th Gen Core, Some Xeons
15/03 - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Second-Gen Ryzen Processor Storms Geekbench Database
15/03 - Google Maps API Now Open To Developers For More Immersive Real-World Games
15/03 - Logitech G560 Speakers And G513 Mechanical Keyboard Adopt Lightsync RGB Tech
14/03 - Google To Drop The Banhammer On Cryptocurrency Ads As Bitcoin Crashes Towards $8,000
14/03 - SteamVR Will Auto-Scale Your VR Resolution Based On GPU Muscle
14/03 - France To Sue Google And Apple Alleging Abusive App Store Business Practices
14/03 - Intel SSD DC P4510 NVMe PCIe Review: Blistering 3GB/s Transfers, With Low Latency
14/03 - Samsung To Offer Same-Day Repair Service For Galaxy Smartphones
14/03 - Galaxy S9+ Versus Pixel 2 XL Camera Shoot-Out, Crowning A New Image Quality King?
14/03 - Amazon And Twitch Will Now Give Prime Subscriber Free Games Every Month
14/03 - AMD Envisions Athlon 64 Glory Days As Ryzen Claws Marketshare From Intel
14/03 - Microsoft Report Details Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Epidemic, 644,000 Unique PCs Affected Monthly
14/03 - Stephen Hawking, World-Renowned Physicist, Cosmologist And Author, Passes Away At Age 76
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:51:48 - Hardware website news.
15/03 - Cheapest SIM Only plan under S$30 offers up to 8 GB of data from CirclesLife, M1, Starhub, Singtel and Zero1 compared
13/03 - US President blocks Singapore’s Broadcom from buying out US Qualcomm citing national security concerns
12/03 - Zero1 MVNO begins shipping SIM card to pre-registered customers
07/03 - AMD Ryzen 7 2000 Series Specifications and Pricing Details leaked, AMD Ryzen 2700X – Flagship 8 Core With 4.35 GHz Clock, 105W TDP and USD 369
07/03 - Leaked information about AMD Ryzen 7 2700X shows improvement in boost speed
07/03 - AMD Ryzen 5 2400G can be overclocked to 4GHz and GPU at 1550MHz on MSI B350I PRO AC motherboard with ease
06/03 - ADATA XPG SD700X External Gaming SSD is dust and water proof and delivers 440 MB/s read write speed through USB 3.1 interface
06/03 - CUBOT X18 Plus 5.99 inches 2160 x 1080 MTK6750T 1.5GHz Octa Core System Android 8.0 smartphone sells for USD 129
05/03 - Review of AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with MSI B350I PRO AC motherboard
04/03 - Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus goes on sale in Singapore at S$179, $219 and S$259 respectively
01/03 - Singapore virtual mobile operator Circles.Life introduces on demand unlimited data plan
26/02 - Sony announces Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact at Mobile Word Congress
26/02 - M1 signs memorandum with SG Bike to utilise NB-IOT to enhance geostation solution
26/02 - Review of Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus 5.99 inches 18:9 widescreen smartphone
26/02 - Review of Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus smartphone
22/02 - Four men arrested for bitcoin robbery in Taiwan
12/02 - AMD releases New Quad-Core Ryzen™ 5 2400G and Ryzen™ 3 2200G Desktop Processors Combine with Radeon VEGA graphics in a single chip
12/02 - Singapore 3rd mobile virtual operator Zero1 offers unlimited data with 200 minutes of calls + 200 SMS + free caller ID at S$19 per month
09/02 - Sakae Holdings and MC Payment introduces new e-payment solution ‘Bitecoin’ enabling swift, reliable, secure transactions in F&B industry
09/02 - ASUS issues BIOS updates to AM4 boards to support Ryzen 2000 series APUs – CPU with integrated Radeon VEGA graphics
08/02 - AMD will launch 2 Raven Ridge APUs on 12 Feb 2018 – Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G
26/01 - Banks in Singapore might be blocking funding to overseas crypto exchanges
25/01 - Biostar issues two new mining boards based on AMD AM4 platform
25/01 - Korean Cyberattack Fails to Foil Crypto-Ratings Release
25/01 - Weiss Ratings issues a B rating for Ethereum and a C+ for Bitcoin
24/01 - M1 Ltd Service revenue for fourth quarter increased 7.0% to S$215.1 million Fixed services revenue for fourth quarter increased 33.0% to S$36.1 million Proposed final dividend of 6.2 cents
21/01 - Insurance comes to blockchain platform with InsurePal
21/01 - Singapore’s MegaX accepts MGX cryptocurrency as mode of payment on it’s online mall
15/01 - Singapore central bank head hopes cryptocurrency tech will survive ‘crash’ and thinking of issuing a cryptocurrency directly to the public
15/01 - Bank Indonesia bans Cryptocurrencies
12/01 - Gigabyte issues BIOS patches to mitigate against SPEC for Intel Z370 B350 X299 motherboards
09/01 - Verge (XVG) rockets Up 44% in the past 30 minutes to 25 cents USD
08/01 - Ethereum took back 2nd placing from Ripple in Top 10 Cyptocurrencies ranking
08/01 - AMD announced Ryzen with Vega Graphics, Ryzen mobile, 2nd generation Ryzen desktop for April launch at CES 2018
07/01 - User lost £25000 from his ledger wallet holding XRP, Litecoin and Dash
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:51:48 - Gadget website news.
17/03 - The Ending of The Force Awakens Could Have Been a Lot More Anticlimactic
17/03 - Facebook Suspends Cambridge Analytica, Data Firm That Worked on Donald Trump's Campaign
17/03 - Saturday's Best Deals: Wake-Up Lights, Utility Cart, Qi Charging Pads, and More
17/03 - Can You Name Every Alien in This All-Encompassing Scifi Cantina?
17/03 - Asthma Inhalers Fail Minority Children Due to a Lack of Diversity in Research
17/03 - AirDrop Is Your iPhone’s Most Underrated Tool
17/03 - Your Super-Sensitive Toothpaste May Not Save Your Teeth From the Brutality of Brushing 
17/03 - Now You Can Get a Morning-Transforming Wake-Up Light For Under $20
17/03 - This $10 Remote Makes Text Entry Bearable On Your PS4  Xbox One, or Smart TV
16/03 - North Carolina Police Issued Sweeping Warrants to Search Data On All Google Devices Near Murder Scene
16/03 - Digg’s Google Reader Replacement is Going the Way of Google Reader
16/03 - Chinese Citizens With Bad 'Social Credit' to Be Blocked From Taking Planes and Trains
16/03 - Looks Like Someone Hid a Weed Joke on Home Depot's Website
16/03 - The Best Deals of March 16, 2018
16/03 - Microsoft’s Edge Browser Could Soon Be Harder to Ignore in Windows 10
16/03 - Captain America and Black Widow Have Been Through Some Shit Since Civil War
16/03 - Australian Biohacker Who Implanted Transit Pass in His Hand Was Convicted for Not Using Valid Ticket
16/03 - L.L. Bean No Longer Wants to Know What You’ve L.L. Been Up to
16/03 - Schools Are Spending Millions on High-Tech Surveillance of Kids 
16/03 - Steve Jobs’ Half-Assed Job Application Sells for $174,000
16/03 - US Court Finds Anti-Robocall Rule Made Nearly Every Smartphone User a Criminal
16/03 - America's Binge-Drinking Problem Is Even Worse Than We Thought
16/03 - Save Big On One of Our Readers' Favorite Coolers, In Four Different Sizes
16/03 - When You Can Make 'JFK' Say Anything, What's Stopping Him From Selling Doritos? 
16/03 - Amazon Tests Feature That Makes Your Echo Not Talk So Much
16/03 - Adrian Lamo, Hacker Behind Breaches of New York Times and Microsoft, Has Died
16/03 - Women Who Say Uber Drivers Raped Them Are Fighting to Have Their Lawsuit Heard by a Jury
16/03 - Most Forensic Science Is Bogus. Will New Federal Rules Help?
16/03 - Earther Berlin’s Living Lab Project Helps CO2 Addicts Cut Back | The A.V.
16/03 - Here's What It Was Like To Fly On The Soviet Concorde
16/03 - Security Firm Exposes New Details About $15,000 Box That Can Apparently Unlock Any iPhone
16/03 - Skip the Mediocre Meals With $10 Off Soylent, Courtesy of Amazon
16/03 - Everything We Learned About the Avengers' Fight Against Thanos in the Latest Infinity War Trailer
16/03 - The First Great iPhone App Grows Up
16/03 - Nitrogen Gas Is Now the Execution Method of Choice in Oklahoma
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:50:20 - Digital and stock exchange website news.
17/03 - CORRECTION FROM SOURCE: Triumph Motorcycles Revs Up B2C, B2B eCommerce with Website Redesign by Bridgeline Digital
17/03 - ULTA SHAREHOLDER ALERT: CLAIMSFILER REMINDS INVESTORS WITH LOSSES IN EXCESS OF $100,000 of Lead Plaintiff Deadline in Class Action Lawsuit Against Ulta Beauty, Inc. - ULTA
16/03 - Sphere 3D Announces Warrant Exchange to Simplify Capital Structure
16/03 - CADWorx® Plant webinar March 29h to discuss piping design for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, water treatment and other specialized industries
16/03 - Microchip Technology CEO to Ring Nasdaq Closing Bell on March 19, 2018
16/03 - Juniper Networks Announces Date of First Quarter 2018 Preliminary Financial Results Conference Call and Webcast
16/03 - SPS Commerce Appoints Three New Independent Directors to the Board
16/03 - Baidu and Skyworth Join Forces to Build Future AI Ecosystem for Smart Homes
16/03 - One Stop Systems Sets Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017 Conference Call for Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET
16/03 - Dovre Group Plc: SHARE REPURCHASE 16.3.2018
16/03 - Polonious Achieves ISO 27001 Security Certification for Knox Grade Case Management System
16/03 - The Legal Register Centre selects Innofactor as the provider of the HAIPA system
16/03 - Health Data Vision, Inc. Teams Up with Datapipe, a Rackspace Company, for HIPAA-Compliant Solutions
16/03 - RSK Chooses Decentral’s Jaxx Blockchain Platform, Paving Way For Smart Contracts On Bitcoin
16/03 - Cinedigm to Present at Sidoti & Company Spring 2018 Convention on March 29
16/03 - Body and Mind Inc. ("BAM") Receives Permitting For Current Facility Expansion
16/03 - InterCloud’s Software Platform to be Business Focus in 2018
16/03 - Tieto Corporation: Managers' transactions - Kimmo Alkio
16/03 - Bravatek and OrangeHook create Mutually Beneficial Marketing Alliance Partnership to Aid First Responder Community
16/03 - Implementation measures of F-Secure’s matching share plan
16/03 - Data Respons ASA: Contract in Sweden of SEK 36 million
16/03 - Alithya and Edgewater Announce Agreement to Create a North-American Digital Technology Transformation Leader
16/03 - Computer Task Group, Incorporated Commences Modified Dutch Auction Tender Offer to Repurchase up to 1,530,990 Shares of Its Common Stock
16/03 - ZetaDisplay is strengthening its organisation for continued growth and appoints Ola Burmark as new CFO
16/03 - IQE plc: IQE exercises exclusive option to acquire cREO(TM) technology and IP portfolio
16/03 - Workday Ranks #3 as a Best Place to Work in Germany
16/03 - STMicroelectronics' Connectivity Solutions for Sleeker Smart Buildings to Showcase at Light & Building 2018
16/03 - Nokia completes the acquisition of Unium
16/03 - WISeKey Releases WISeWallet App V1.0 that Syncs with WISeCoin Contactless Hardware to Offer Security and Ease of Use for Cryptocurrency Users
16/03 - Zscaler Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering
15/03 - Titan Medical Announces Director Resignation
15/03 - Exela Technologies, Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017 Results; Achieves Full Year Guidance for Pro Forma Revenue and Adjusted EBITDA; Sets 2018 Revenue Guidance of 4%-6%, Above Previous Long-Term Guidance
15/03 - Mercury Systems Wins Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Award
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:51:58 - Digital website news.
17/03 - Facebook suspends Trump campaign's data analytics team, Cambridge Analytica, for harvesting private information of 50 million users
17/03 - Don't want Microsoft forcing Edge on you? Switch from Windows 10 to Linux with Zorin OS 12.3!
16/03 - Microsoft quickly rolls out Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Build 17120 to the Slow ring
16/03 - Microsoft releases Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Build 17123 to the Fast ring
16/03 - Windows 10 Redstone 5 Build 17623 for Skip Ahead has a nasty surprise
16/03 - Apple announces education-themed spring event -- what new products will we see?
16/03 - Force Windows 7 security updates even if you don't have antivirus software installed
16/03 - Data-saving Facebook Lite is now available in the US
16/03 - Facebook algorithms went mad and threw up some weird -- and sexual -- search suggestions
16/03 - How cyber criminals launder their gains
16/03 - Google tries to polish a turd by renaming Android Wear to Wear OS
15/03 - Blockchain isn't just a ledger, it will help businesses boost revenue
15/03 - The shady world of mobile app tracking
15/03 - US says Russia launched a cyberattack on its energy grid
15/03 - Businesses are failing to understand the impact of cloud outages
15/03 - Netskope brings continuous assessment and monitoring to IaaS security
15/03 - Microsoft launches bounty program for speculative execution side channel vulnerabilities
15/03 - Google Web Designer 3.0 makes HTML 5 web content easy to build across multiple devices and platforms
15/03 - Privacy: Hotspot Shield, PureVPN, and ZenMate found to leak sensitive data
15/03 - Google opens up Maps API to game developers
15/03 - Wikipedia didn't know about YouTube's plans to show its content next to conspiracy videos
15/03 - Warning for RSS fans -- Digg Reader is closing in under two weeks
15/03 - Microsoft removes AV compatibility requirements for Windows 10 security updates
15/03 - Google Maps gains wheelchair accessibility info in several cities
15/03 - ViewSonic announces NMP660 Chromebox
14/03 - Coinbase receives e-money license in EU, will offer faster payments to UK customers
14/03 - LibreELEC (Krypton) 8.2.4 Kodi-focused Linux distro is ready for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
14/03 - Stephen Hawking and me
14/03 - SAP CRM servers vulnerable to online attack
14/03 - GNOME 3.28 'Chongqing' Linux and BSD desktop environment is here
14/03 - Facebook bans far-right group Britain First and its leaders for hate speech
14/03 - Misconfigured security measure leads DDoS amplification attacks to soar at end of 2017
14/03 - Roundup: The best Windows 10 tweaking and customization tools
14/03 - Passwords are stronger in Minneapolis
14/03 - Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ launches! Faster, with dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:50:15 - Hardware website news.
16/03 - Video: A Simple Mod for Air Coolers
16/03 - Northgard Review
16/03 - Intel details Spectre, Meltdown silicon fixes
16/03 - Microsoft teases cross-platform cloud gaming sub
16/03 - GitHub raises EU Article 13 copyright concerns
15/03 - Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Review
15/03 - Google showcases light field capture tech
15/03 - SteamVR gets automatic supersampling system
15/03 - Samsung NAND fab hit by reported power outage
14/03 - AMD investigating claimed Ryzen, Epyc security flaws
14/03 - Ethernet Alliance unveils 1.6TbE roadmap
14/03 - Red Bull Gaming Sphere launches in London
14/03 - Raspberry Pi 3 B+ launches with new SoC, 5GHz Wi-Fi
13/03 - Dusk, Ion Maiden, and the 90s Shooter Revival
13/03 - Broadcom-Qualcomm deal nixed by presidential order
13/03 - GlobalFoundries announces new chief executive
13/03 - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds anti-cheat patch rolled back
12/03 - Into the Breach Review
12/03 - Researchers boost performance with Clairvoyance
12/03 - Xbox One S, X to get AMD FreeSync support
12/03 - Intel investigating Broadcom acquisition, say sources
09/03 - Video: Working with Glass Hardline Tubing
09/03 - AOC G2790PX Review
09/03 - Intel launches Optane 800P mainstream 3D XPoint drives
09/03 - EA signs Warner Bros. up to Origin Access
09/03 - Epic announces Fortnite Battle Royale mobile port
08/03 - bit-tech Case Modding Update February 2018 in Association with Corsair
08/03 - Asus ROG Strix Z370-I Gaming Review
08/03 - Khronos Group launches Vulkan 1.1
08/03 - Microsoft promises embedded AI in WIndows 10
08/03 - Oculus VR apologises for certificate gaffe
07/03 - Deadbolt Review
07/03 - Mod of the Month February 2018 in Association with Corsair
07/03 - Epic Games' Unreal Studio targets new markets
07/03 - Ubisoft announces Far Cry 5 Arcade map editor
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:52:01 - Hardware website news.
17/03 - Facebook Suspends Data Analytics Firm Which Worked on the Trump Presidential Campaign
17/03 - Standalone Oculus Go Headset Could Debut Next Month
17/03 - Qualcomm Director Paul Jacobs to Exit Qualcomm Board
16/03 - Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Go On Sale
16/03 - Samsung in Talks With Boeing to Bring Mobile Tech To Planes
16/03 - Samsung's Galaxy S9 Said to Use Chinese Optical Parts
15/03 - Facebook Lite to Come in the U.S. and Elsewhere
15/03 - Android Wear Becomes Wear OS by Google
15/03 - U.S. Sanctions Russian Cyber Actors for Cyber-Attacks
15/03 - Microsoft Launches $250,000 Security Bounty
15/03 - Intel to Bring Hardware-based Protection to Data Center and PC Processors
15/03 - Microsoft Sees Cloud services As The Future of Games
15/03 - AMD FreeSync Technology Propels Tear-Free Gameplay in Xbox One
15/03 - Imagination Demos at GDC 2018
15/03 - LIGHTSYNC Technology Lights Up New Logitech G Speaker and Keyboard
14/03 - Samsung Galaxy S9+ Costs $379 to Build, TechInsights Says
14/03 - Samsung Care Brings Same-Day Authorized Repairs to Galaxy Smartphones
14/03 - Peer-to-peer App Kicked off Dofoil Coin Miner Outbreak
14/03 - GLOBALFOUNDRIES Extends Silicon Photonics Roadmap to Meet Demand for Datacenter Connectivity
14/03 - Broadcom Withdraws Offer to Buy Qualcomm After Trump Veto
14/03 - Microsoft Uses AI to Match Human Performance in Translating News from Chinese to English
14/03 - Google to Ban Ads on Cryptocurrencies
14/03 - Samsung Expands Xian Flash Memory Plant
14/03 - Samsung SDI Showcased Upgraded Lithium-ion Battery Cells at Energy Storage Europe 2018
14/03 - Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Released for $35
14/03 - DVDFab UHD Creator 4K UHD Authoring Software Released
13/03 - Making Music Using Sounds Generated With Machine Learning
13/03 - Windows Expands Efforts to Protect Users Against Spectre and Meltdown
13/03 - Google Assistant Coming to iPad
13/03 - AMD Chips Have Security Flaws, Report Claims
13/03 - Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference Kicks off June 4
13/03 - Spending on Mobile Games Topped the Combined Total on Home Console, PC, and Handheld Console Games
13/03 - Fitbit Releases New Devices for Women, Parents, and Kids
13/03 - 400 Gbit/s Ethernet Optical Modules Debut at Optical Fiber Conference
13/03 - President Trump Blocks Proposed Takeover of Qualcomm by Broadcom
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:52:07 - Camera website news.
17/03 - Sony a7 III dynamic range and high ISO improve over its predecessor
17/03 - Photo story of the week: Flowing under a solar storm
16/03 - AI-powered Google Lens visual search tool is now available on iOS devices
16/03 - Adobe posts record revenue yet again, earning $2.08 billion in Q1 of 2018
16/03 - The New York Times is looking to hire a Photo Director
16/03 - Samsung wants to dethrone Sony, reach #1 in the global image sensor market
16/03 - Moar Megapixels! Pixel peeping a 709MP drum scan of 8x10 slide film
16/03 - The Android-only LyfieEye200 is 'the world's smallest VR/AR camera'
16/03 - Syrp launches Magic Carpet Pro slider with 'infinitely extendable' track
16/03 - Sony interview: 'If cameras are going to develop, manufacturers have to develop mirrorless technologies'
15/03 - Large format macro: a crazy wet plate photography experiment
15/03 - Fujifilm X-H1 Review
15/03 - Behind the scenes: Shooting Lamborghinis in the snow
14/03 - Google explains the tech behind the Pixel 2's Motion Photos feature
14/03 - Novoflex's new TrioPod PRO75 modular tripod can handle 'immense load'
14/03 - Video: 360° 8K timelapse of the aurora borealis during a lunar eclipse
14/03 - Vivo's AI-powered 'Super-HDR' tech takes on Google's HDR+
14/03 - Teardown video shows how the Galaxy S9 variable aperture works
14/03 - This may be Amelia Earhart’s Leica, and you can buy it for $69,000 on eBay
14/03 - UPDATED: Instagram is NOT bringing back the chronological feed
14/03 - Rokinon AF 35mm F2.8 FE sample gallery and impressions
13/03 - Google just made the tech behind its 'portrait mode' open source
13/03 - Huawei shares P20 triple-cam teaser videos
13/03 - Fujifilm GFX 50S firmware update adds Focus Bracketing and 35mm Format Mode
13/03 - NYC photo tour helicopter crashes in the East River, claiming five lives
13/03 - Documenting a handmade bike build with the Fujifilm X-E3
13/03 - Adobe Creative Cloud prices will increase April 16th, Photography Plan will stay the same
13/03 - Canon CEO: 'we will go on the offensive... in the mirrorless camera market'
13/03 - Sony executive predicts Nikon and Canon will go full-frame mirrorless within a year
12/03 - The Broccoli Tree and the dangers of sharing photos of the places you love online
12/03 - Shiftcam 2.0 iPhone add-on offers 6-in-1 lens-slider and 'Pro' lens options
12/03 - Report: Agfa Vista film is no more, stock drying up world-wide
12/03 - 'I'm Back' digital back for analog SLRs successfully returns to Kickstarter
12/03 - The most expensive camera in the world: 1923 Leica sells for $2.97M at auction
12/03 - iFixit teardown finds Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus difficult to repair, shows dual-blade aperture

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