Mise à jour le 09/08/2022 à 08:53:14 - General website news.
08/08 - Reuters reveals EU found evidence employee phones compromised with spyware
08/08 - Reuters reveals U.S. probes China’s Huawei over equipment near missile silos
08/08 - Reuters reveals Amazon issued 13,000 disciplinary notices at single U.S. warehouse
05/08 - Reuters reveals Myanmar’s junta rolls out Chinese camera surveillance systems in more cities
04/08 - Reuters reveals crypto crash threatens North Korea’s stolen funds as it ramps up weapons tests
01/08 - Reuters reveals state securities regulators investigating Celsius accounts freeze
01/08 - Reuters reveals Facial recognition startup Clearview AI drops sales chief, chunk of staff
29/07 - Reuters reveals EU mulls new unit with antitrust veterans to enforce tech rules
29/07 - Reuters reveals after Ukraine, ‘whole world’ is a customer for Turkish drone
29/07 - Reuters reveals gaming gear provider Turtle Beach nears board deal with Donerail
26/07 - Reuters reveals TikTok plans big push into gaming, conducting tests in Vietnam
25/07 - Reuters reveals Facebook allows Ukraine war posts urging violence against invading Russians, Putin
19/05 - Reuters reveals Biden announces new $150 million weapons package for Ukraine
19/05 - Reuters reveals Musk seeks to put in less money in new Twitter deal financing
18/05 - Reuters reveals Germany’s SAP hires adviser for $1 bln Litmos software
18/05 - Reuters reveals Shanghai authorities helped Tesla reopen factory, letter shows
27/04 - Reuters reveals Samsung’s reputation hit as prices slashed at home for new premium phone
27/04 - Reuters reveals China uses AI software to improve its surveillance capabilities
27/04 - Reuters reveals Apple faces extra EU antitrust charge in music streaming probe
27/04 - Reuters reveals Indonesia preparing tough new curbs for online platforms
26/04 - Reuters reveals U.S. warned firms about Russia’s Kaspersky software day after invasion
16/03 - Reuters reveals Italy masts M&A looms as government moves to cut Rai Way stake
16/03 - Reuters reveals Chinese automaker SAIC’s MG Motor India to raise funds for EV push
16/03 - Reuters reveals Ukraine seeks action against Russia from gaming, cloud and other tech firms
16/02 - Reuters reveals North Korea grows nuclear, missiles programs profits from cyberattacks
08/02 - Reuters reveals France’s Thales considers move for Atos cybersecurity arm BDS
08/02 - Reuters reveals In heated meeting, India seeks tougher action from U.S. tech giants on fake news
03/02 - Reuters reveals Islamist attacker’s suspected accomplices used crypto exchange Binance, German police say
03/02 - Reuters reveals Bain Capital nears $2.27 bln deal to buy French IT services firm Inetum
03/02 - Reuters reveals Myanmar junta backs Telenor unit sale after buyer M1 pairs with local firm
25/01 - Reuters exclusively reports Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi to unveil 2030 EV plan this week; market reacts
20/01 - Reuters reveals Jumping on EV wagon represents risky ride for tech pioneer Sony
18/01 - Reuters exclusively reports U.S. examining Alibaba’s cloud unit for national security risks; market reacts
17/01 - Reuters reveals Women force change at Indian iPhone plant amid complaints of sickness and crowded dorms
17/01 - Global tech crackdown
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09/08 - How to get your own book published: a step by step guide
08/08 - The big idea: are we living in a simulation?
08/08 - Kids’ tech: the best children’s gadgets for summer holidays
08/08 - Facebook shut me out of the page for our local cooking school
08/08 - OnePlus 10T review: this phone fully charges in 19 minutes
07/08 - Apple asks suppliers in Taiwan to label products as made in China – report
07/08 - Siri or Skynet? How to separate AI fact from fiction
07/08 - ‘Risks posed by AI are real’: EU moves to beat the algorithms that ruin lives
06/08 - Inside the violent, misogynistic world of TikTok’s new star, Andrew Tate
06/08 - Have the tech giants finally had their bubble burst? I’d hate to speculate | John Naughton
06/08 - Another court case fails to unlock the mystery of bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto
05/08 - AA chief reveals his microwave tip to foil tech-savvy car thieves
04/08 - Hundreds of Amazon employees stop working over disputed pay rise – video
04/08 - Hundreds of Amazon staff in Essex stop work in protest at 35p pay rise
04/08 - From celebrity jets to Pelosi’s Taiwan trip, flight trackers are the sleeper hit of the summer
04/08 - Best podcasts of the week: How one of history’s biggest call centre scams was exposed
04/08 - Nothing Phone 1 review: an Android with funky lights on its transparent back
03/08 - Musk’s lawyers subpoena big banks for records on Twitter deal
03/08 - Van that detects if drivers are holding a mobile phone trialled in UK
03/08 - No 10 should follow parliament and ditch TikTok, says Tory MP
03/08 - ‘European at heart’: sense and sensibility behind Nick Clegg’s return
03/08 - Venba, a video game about the emotional resonance of food
03/08 - A midlife crisis in space: the Alters is a sci-fi comedy starring hapless clones
03/08 - TechScape: I’m no longer making predictions about cryptocurrency. Here’s why
03/08 - Top 10 books about cybercrime | Dan Malakin
03/08 - Trading platform Robinhood lays off nearly a quarter of staff as crypto drops
02/08 - Instagram boss moves to London after backlash over app changes
02/08 - Pearson plans to sell its textbooks as NFTs
02/08 - Has the Covid pandemic caused an increase in shortsightedness in children?
02/08 - Man who threw away £150m in bitcoin hopes AI and robot dogs will get it back
02/08 - Uber bookings hit all-time high in past three months as workers return to offices
02/08 - Pushing Buttons: the fast, furious world of games releases
02/08 - Pressing paws: Stray, the video game that’s a hit with cats (and their humans)
02/08 - Pixel Buds Pro review: Google’s great AirPods Pro rival for Android
01/08 - Elon Musk’s father says he isn’t proud of his son
Mise à jour le 09/08/2022 à 08:52:06 - General website news.
09/08 - Are we falling in love with robots?
08/08 - How will humans fare against robo-footballers?
08/08 - The plans for giant seaweed farms in European waters
05/08 - Can drumming reconnect you to your colleagues?
04/08 - How a small Hong Kong tech firm saw its shares soar
04/08 - UK Parliament closes TikTok account after China data warning
04/08 - scam: Tourists descend on north London private home
03/08 - Tinder: CEO Renate Nyborg to leave dating app after one year
03/08 - Airbnb bookings hit record high as travel recovers
03/08 - Uber attracts record number of drivers as cost of living bites
02/08 - Pornhub: Judge rules Visa can be sued in abuse claim
02/08 - Space debris: How do we solve the problem of dead satellites?
02/08 - Ambani and Adani: Asia's richest men battle to dominate 5G in India
02/08 - How rangers are using AI to help protect India's tigers
01/08 - Conjoined twins separated with the help of virtual reality
01/08 - Starlink: Why is Elon Musk launching thousands of satellites?
01/08 - The space tech helping to tackle deforestation
29/07 - Instagram U-turns on TikTok-style revamp
29/07 - The super material reinforcing rinks, cars and buildings
29/07 - Apple and Amazon sales up despite rising prices
28/07 - Facebook owner Meta in first ever sales fall
27/07 - Gaming time has no link with levels of wellbeing, study finds
26/07 - Music industry as tough as it has always been, watchdog says
26/07 - Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner share Instagram criticism
26/07 - Amazon raises Prime subscription price in UK
26/07 - Digital India: How India's digital revolution is connecting millions
26/07 - A mind-reading combat jet for the future
25/07 - Elon Musk denies affair with Google co-founder Sergey Brin's wife
25/07 - The tech helping to bring you your morning coffee
24/07 - Chess robot breaks seven-year-old boy's finger during Moscow Open
23/07 - Blake Lemoine: Google fires engineer who said AI tech has feelings
22/07 - Twitter spent $33m in three months on Elon Musk deal
22/07 - Abortion: YouTube removes misinformation videos
22/07 - Snapchat owner hit as advertising slump hits sales
22/07 - The YouTuber who built a career from true crime and make-up
Mise à jour le 09/08/2022 à 08:51:47 - General website news.
09/08 - Snapchat Introduces Its First Parental Controls
08/08 - Crypto ‘Mixer’ Tornado Cash Is Blacklisted by the Treasury Department
08/08 - Electric Cars Are Too Costly for Many, Even With Aid in Climate Bill
06/08 - Why Alex Jones’s Trial Won’t Stop the Spread of Lies
06/08 - Don’t Expect Alex Jones’s Comeuppance to Stop Lies
05/08 - Amazon to Buy Maker of the Roomba for $1.7 Billion
05/08 - A.I. Is Not Sentient. Why Do People Say It Is?
05/08 - The Mysterious Dance of the Cricket Embryos
05/08 - Plug-In Hybrid Cars Gain Ground in Race With Electric Rivals
05/08 - Twitter Rebuts Musk’s Fraud Claim in Dispute Over Fake Accounts
04/08 - Tesla Faces Pressure Campaign From Activist Shareholders
04/08 - Classic Internet Censorship
04/08 - Response to Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit Mocked on China’s Social Media
03/08 - Richard Tait, Co-Inventor of the Board Game Cranium, Dies at 58
03/08 - Why America’s Chinese Tech Ban Didn’t Stick
03/08 - On Election Day, G.O.P. Raise Doubts about Arizona Elections
03/08 - How Scientists Are Reviving Cells in Dead Pigs’ Organs
03/08 - 4 iPhone and Android Tricks You May Not Know About
03/08 - YouTube Automation Sprouts Cottage Industry That Promises Fast Money
03/08 - Why the Penguin Random House Merger Is Also About Amazon
02/08 - The Crypto Market Crashed. They’re Still Buying Bitcoin.
02/08 - Is Bio-Designed Collagen the Next Step in Animal Protein Replacement?
02/08 - A Cyberattack Illuminates the Shaky State of Student Privacy
01/08 - After Pixar Ouster, John Lasseter Returns With Apple and ‘Luck’
01/08 - How Some Parents Changed Their Politics in the Pandemic
29/07 - Climate Bill ‘Transformative’ for Auto and Energy Industries
29/07 - Does Twitch Fame Have to Come With a Stalker?
29/07 - China Has Leapfrogged the U.S. in Key Technologies. Can a New Law Help?
29/07 -, the National Park Booking App, Leaves Users Feeling Lost in the Woods
29/07 - Big Tech Is Proving Resilient as the Economy Cools
28/07 - Instagram rolls back some product changes after user backlash.
28/07 - F.T.C. Chair Lina Khan Upends Antitrust Standards by Suing Meta
28/07 - The Word of the Year Is ‘Uncertainty’
28/07 - A.I. Predicts the Shape of Nearly Every Protein Known to Science
28/07 - Doug Mastriano Faces Criticism Over His Backing From Antisemitic Ally
Mise à jour le 09/08/2022 à 08:52:11 - New technology website news.
08/08 - Exploring the Prospects and Impact of Carbon Capture Tech
05/08 - Intel tGPU Setback Expected to Slow TSMC’s 3 nm Ramp
04/08 - How Baidu Apollo Rolls in the AV Industry
02/08 - Computing and Storage at the Same Time! Macronix Creates Innovative Memory for AI Applications
02/08 - Neuromorphic Device with Low Power Consumption
01/08 - Architect of CHIPS Act Speaks on Its Impact
01/08 - Avery Introduces Chiplet Verification IP
01/08 - TMYTEK’s Rapid mmWave Prototyping Solution Unlocks NI’s USRP X410 Advanced Wireless Communication & Sensing Capabilities
01/08 - SK hynix Develops DDR5 DRAM CXL™ Memory to Expand the CXL Memory Ecosystem
29/07 - Alchip Expects First 3 nm Chips Early in 2023
29/07 - Cardea Graphene Biosensors to Receive New ‘Electronic Nose’
28/07 - Hardware Bill of Materials: Essential in Electronics as Ingredients are to Food
28/07 - Antenna Design Considerations for 5G Applications
27/07 - Robots as Quality-Control Specialists
27/07 - China’s Adoption of Graphene for High-Tech Applications
26/07 - Intel Signs MediaTek as Third Major Foundry Customer
26/07 - Clean Energy Through Laser-Driven Fusion
26/07 - DECT-2020 NR+: An IoT wonder, or a 5G tease?
25/07 - SiC Semiconductors and the Future of the Industry
25/07 - Data is Key to Navigating Complex Material Supply Chains
22/07 - SkyWater to Build $1.8 Billion Fab in Indiana
22/07 - Fully Integrated Quantum Processing Units
22/07 - What Does “Neuromorphic” Mean Today?
22/07 - Cars That Think Like You
21/07 - U.S. CHIPS Act Nears Approval After Senate Passage
21/07 - DDR5 Ecosystem Heats Up with Rambus SPD Sensor
21/07 - eMMC Holds Its Own Against UFS
21/07 - SK hynix DRAM Product Planning Spearheads the Memory Evolution in the Post-HBM3 Era
20/07 - Inspiration or Imitation: How Closely Should We Copy Biological Systems?
20/07 - U.S. Water Sector Cybersecurity: “Absolutely Inadequate”
20/07 - Neuromorphic Sensing: Coming Soon to Consumer Products
19/07 - First Power ‘ChiP’ Fab Supports Automotive Electrification and Data Centers
19/07 - Reverse-Engineering Insect Brains to Make Robots
18/07 - Exclusive: An Interview with Carver Mead
18/07 - Global EV Market Outlook: China, U.S., and Europe
Mise à jour le 09/08/2022 à 08:53:15 - New technology website news.
09/08 - Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless feature new design, class-leading ANC battery life
08/08 - Samsung Galaxy Tab Fold to arrive in early 2023, rumour claims
08/08 - Can you watch Bullet Train online at home?
08/08 - Netflix games push ignored by 99 per cent of subscribers
08/08 - Apple brings back much-missed battery feature in iOS 16 beta
08/08 - Android 13 for Galaxy S22 nears as Samsung drops One UI 5 open beta
06/08 - How to watch Fulham vs Liverpool: New Premier League season live on TV and online
05/08 - Xbox Series S graphics are about to get noticeably better
05/08 - How to watch Crystal Palace vs Arsenal: Stream Premier League curtain raiser live
05/08 - Trusted Recommends: Apple and LG's latest laptops impress the critics
05/08 - HMV partners with Henley Audio for 100th anniversary turntable
05/08 - AI cops will bust Brits for texting behind the wheel
04/08 - Nintendo won't launch new hardware in 2022 – report
04/08 - Xbox Game Pass family plan is real and even better value
04/08 - How to watch The Sandman: When can you stream the long-awaited adaptation?
04/08 - Nothing Phone (1) could be followed by two new true wireless earbuds
04/08 - Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 tipped for tougher screen and faster charging
04/08 - LG Smart TV owners can enjoy three free months of Stadia Pro gaming
04/08 - UK parliament drops TikTok on security grounds
04/08 - OnePlus Nord N20 SE – Another new budget smartphone imminent
03/08 - The OnePlus alert slider isn't dead, despite 10T omission
03/08 - Samsung Gaming Hub completes the cloud gaming set with Amazon Luna
03/08 - AEW: Fight Forever reveal is amazing news for fans of wrestling's best ever games
03/08 - iPadOS 16 could be delayed to perfect major new feature
03/08 - Which OnePlus phones will get Android 13 and OxygenOS 13?
03/08 - Samsung hints at new outdoors-focused Galaxy Watch
03/08 - Nintendo Switch sales take a dip due to chip shortage
03/08 - Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 might lose the 'Z'
03/08 - OnePlus Ace Pro – Another major Chinese smartphone launch postponed
03/08 - Apple Arcade reverses trend with news of two new exclusive games
02/08 - Galaxy Watch 5 could get major fast-charging boost
02/08 - Continuity Camera could be the surprise star of iOS 16 and macOS Ventura
02/08 - EA Sports FC makes a huge signing as it prepares for life after FIFA
02/08 - Samsung Galaxy self-repair kits hit iFixit, but UK faces a wait
02/08 - Apple Arcade is losing games for the first time – here's what's leaving
Mise à jour le 09/08/2022 à 08:52:11 - General website news.
09/08 - Aussies crowdsource a business case for central bank digital currencies
09/08 - Alibaba's e-commerce arm counts carbon to encourage you to buy more stuff
09/08 - Electrical explosion at Google datacenter injures three
09/08 - Digital Ocean customers back away from blockchains
09/08 - Chinese scammers target kids with promise of extra gaming hours
09/08 - Intel challenges Nvidia, AMD with trio of workstation GPUs
09/08 - China-linked spies used six backdoors to steal info from defense, industrial enterprise orgs
09/08 - Google sues Sonos yet again, claiming it stole IP and infringed patents
09/08 - US treasury whips up sanctions for crypto mixer Tornado Cash
08/08 - Real-time deepfakes can be beaten by a sideways glance
08/08 - California accuses Tesla of false advertising over Autopilot
08/08 - Qualcomm, GlobalFoundries double down on US chip production
08/08 - Twilio customer data exposed after its staffers got phished
08/08 - Microsoft tightens Edge security for less visited websites
08/08 - Tiers before bedtime: AWS updates Lambda pricing structure
08/08 - Atari Video Computer System returns in Lego form
08/08 - Ready for the Linux 6.0 splashdown? Here are some of the highlights
08/08 - Clean up orbit first, then we can think about space factories, says FCC
08/08 - Nvidia books $1.32b inventory charge as PC market slows
08/08 - How TSMC killed 450mm wafers for fear of Intel, Samsung
08/08 - Google hit with lawsuit for dropping free Workspace apps
08/08 - Arm still jewel in crown as parent SoftBank nurses record $23.5b hit
08/08 - Slack leaked hashed passwords from its servers for years
08/08 - Google's ChromeOS Flex turned my old MacBook into new frustrations
08/08 - GitLab versus The Zombie Repos: An old plot needs a new twist
08/08 - Yeah, we'll just take that first network handshake. What could possibly go wrong?
08/08 - Taiwanese iPhone supplier Pegatron quashes China blockade report
08/08 - India to revisit hardware incentives after struggling to move manufacturers out of China
08/08 - Dark Utilities C2 service draws thousands of cyber criminals
08/08 - India’s latest rocket flies but payloads don't prosper
08/08 - China allows robo taxis – without backup drivers – in parts of two major cities
08/08 - India proposes increased power to vet tech mergers
07/08 - UK wants criminal migrants to scan their faces up to five times a day using a watch
06/08 - DuckDuckGo says Hell, Hell, No to those Microsoft trackers after web revolt
06/08 - FauxPilot: It's like GitHub Copilot but doesn't phone home to Microsoft
Mise à jour le 09/08/2022 à 08:51:49 - General website news.
09/08 - Burger King just emailed everyone a blank receipt in a whopper of a mistake
09/08 - Snapchat to let parents see who their kids are chatting with in app
09/08 - Snap is planning to lay off employees
09/08 - You now have two days to delete that embarrassing WhatsApp message
09/08 - Sennheiser Momentum 4 headphones review: less cool, more comfortable
09/08 - Sennheiser announces Momentum 4 headphones with new design and 60-hour battery life
08/08 - Battery percentage finally returns to iOS 16 and it’s hideous
08/08 - The best smartphone you can buy for under $500
08/08 - 16,000 words on how, whether, and why to upscale your video collection with AI
08/08 - Take-Two delays its turn-based superhero game Marvel’s Midnight Suns
08/08 - Tesla is offering half-off its Full Self Driving package and more for loyal customers in China
08/08 - BioWare activates its thirst trap card with a ‘romance bundle’ for a beloved Dragon Age character
08/08 - Climate change can make most human diseases worse
08/08 - How to set up sleep schedules in iOS
08/08 - Twilio suffers data breach after its employees were targeted by a phishing campaign
08/08 - Street Fighter V and MultiVersus made for a thrilling EVO finale
08/08 - This act is the biggest step against climate change the US has ever taken
08/08 - Mario Kart 8’s new DLC tracks are more (or less) of a good thing
08/08 - Cameo’s CEO fell victim to the latest Bored Ape NFT heist
08/08 - The iPhone’s Focus mode (almost) kept me off my phone on vacation
08/08 - Intel launches Arc Pro GPUs that are designed for workstations and pro apps
08/08 - No electric vehicles on the market today qualify for the new EV tax credit
08/08 - Nvidia Q2 gaming revenue falls short of 2021’s mark by over a billion dollars
08/08 - US Treasury bans Tornado Cash mixer for role in crypto money laundering
08/08 - The M1 MacBook Air is discounted to its lowest price yet at Best Buy
08/08 - 99 percent of Netflix subscribers haven’t tried its games yet
08/08 - Lucid unveils new ‘Stealth Look’ for its luxury electric Air sedan
08/08 - Nissan Z review: the parts bin sport car
08/08 - How to run the Blackmagic Disk Speed test on your Mac
08/08 - Netflix’s Locke and Key ends with a whimper in final season
08/08 - Blaseball: birthing hope through chaos
08/08 - How to start experimenting with Google Lens
08/08 - How Animal Crossing helped me explore my gender
08/08 - Moving from Dubai to California, Spotify kept me in touch with my culture
08/08 - Google sues Sonos over smart speaker and voice control tech
Mise à jour le 09/08/2022 à 08:53:21 - General website news.
09/08 - Why I love electronics industry (1): A place for the elite, not for the uninitiated
09/08 - Inflation hurts India smartphone demand, MediaTek's share drops to nearly two-year low
09/08 - Lite-On Tech sees increased July revenues
09/08 - Qualcomm to double chip purchase through long-term agreement with GF
09/08 - Thermal module makers extend application to automotive electronics
09/08 - India reportedly to nudge Chinese vendors out of lower-end smartphone market
09/08 - SK IE Technology collaborates with Vingroup to supply EV battery material
09/08 - Wistron, Inventec conservative about notebook shipments in 3Q22
09/08 - Ennostar to boost investment in Epistar for 150mm micro LED wafer capacity expansion
09/08 - TSMC to see Apple orders generate over NT$500 billion in 2022
09/08 - BenQ Materials expands production capacity for Li-ion battery separator films
09/08 - Coretronic July shipments dropped quarterly
09/08 - Dangers and opportunities come together in net-zero carbon reduction: How can companies build ESG strategies with your own DNA?
09/08 - GSEO, Calin Tech gearing up for AR/VR, automotive products
09/08 - HTC reports lackluster sales for July
09/08 - Qisda to step up production in Vietnam
08/08 - Sercomm sees robust order visibility through 1Q23
08/08 - US Senate renews EV tax credit while many models likely not eligible
08/08 - South Korea step up subsidies while overseas expansion continues
08/08 - Crypto investment risks rising, but virtual technology still worth cultivating, says KPMG executive
08/08 - Competition heats up in sub-128Mb NOR flash
08/08 - Novatek expects sharp declines in 3Q22 sales
08/08 - India's Polymatech, formerly Japanese, invests to make 2 billion chips by 2023
08/08 - TSMC's future R&D initiatives revealed in VLSI Symposium
08/08 - PC chipmakers Intel, AMD, Nvidia lower shipment goals amid sluggish demand
08/08 - Alltop, Hu Lane, China Fineblanking enter China EV supply chains
08/08 - Wistron to expand server production capacity in Taiwan, Mexico
08/08 - WiAdvance Technology unveils 5G-based AI smart solution for 360-degree VR panoramic concerts
08/08 - Delta expects 2H22 sales from EV-use devices to grow 30-40%
08/08 - Samsung to start manufacturing semiconductor parts in Vietnam in 2023
08/08 - Darfon has order visibility till year-end 2022 for e-bike product lines
08/08 - SEA roundup: Consequences of Pelosi's visit to Taiwan felt in SEA
08/08 - AI development lacks breakthrough, says Taiwan AI Academy provost
08/08 - India roundup: Foxconn's India plant reportedly to ship iPhone 14 in 2H22
08/08 - Chinese smartphone brands see declines in 2Q22, says DIGITIMES Research
Mise à jour le 09/08/2022 à 08:53:33 - General website news.
09/08 - Snapchat Family Center shows parents their children's friends list
09/08 - Sennheiser promises 60 hours of listening with its new Momentum headphones
09/08 - Firaxis delays Marvel's Midnight Suns, maybe until 2023
08/08 - iOS 16 beta brings back the battery percentage icon
08/08 - HBO Max finishes rolling out its much-needed app redesign
08/08 - Rivian is field testing dual-motor versions of the R1T and R1S
08/08 - Bandai Namco is reportedly making a live-action Pac-Man movie
08/08 - US imposes sanctions on cryptocurrency mixer that allegedly laundered over $7 billion
08/08 - Less than 1 percent of Netflix’s subscribers are playing its games
08/08 - Lucid Air will soon have a 'Stealth Look' trim option
08/08 - What we bought: This LED desk lamp gave me the best lighting for video calls
08/08 - Nintendo will dedicate a 30-minute Direct stream to 'Splatoon 3'
08/08 - SNK is making its first new Fatal Fury game in 23 years
08/08 - Anker charging gadgets are up to 40 percent off for Prime members
08/08 - The Morning After: Amazon buys the company behind Roomba robot vacuums
08/08 - Arrival pauses work on its electric bus and car projects
08/08 - MG's new all-electric hatchback will cost just $31,400 when it arrives in the UK
08/08 - 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II' multiplayer reveal set for September 15th
08/08 - Samsung rolls out Android 13-based One UI 5 beta on Galaxy S22 smartphones
08/08 - Baidu's robotaxis can now operate without a safety driver in the car
08/08 - LG's T90 earbuds come with Dolby Head Tracking technology
07/08 - Senate passes sweeping climate-focused Inflation Reduction Act
07/08 - Apple reportedly tells suppliers to avoid 'Made in Taiwan' labels on shipments to China
07/08 - Twitter confirms vulnerability exposed data of anonymous account owners
07/08 - Apple could be developing a smart display
07/08 - Hitting the Books: How much that insurance monitoring discount might really be costing you
07/08 - Physicist trolls James Webb Space Telescope fans with a photo of a chorizo sausage
06/08 - Elon Musk challenges Twitter CEO to a ‘public debate’ on fake accounts
06/08 - Fitbit will end support for PC syncing this fall
06/08 - Steam is finally adding support for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers
06/08 - Instagram will test extra-tall photos to go along with Reels
06/08 - California DMV accuses Tesla of falsely portraying its vehicles as fully autonomous
05/08 - Toyota will buy back your recalled bZ4X EV
05/08 - DreamWorks Animation will open source its MoonRay renderer later this year
05/08 - Microsoft helps game devs pull more performance from the Xbox Series S
Mise à jour le 09/08/2022 à 08:52:01 - Camera website news.
08/08 - Sony's a7 IV gets anti-forgery crypto signature technology (for commercial purposes)
08/08 - CRDWALL is an interesting modular storage solution for photographers with a lot of gear
08/08 - DPReview TV: Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN Art Review
08/08 - Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN Art sample gallery (DPReview TV)
08/08 - Sigma announces 24mm F1.4 DG DN lens for L-mount, E-mount camera systems
08/08 - Sigma reveals 20mm F1.4 DG DN lens for L-mount and E-mount
06/08 - DPReview TV: The best lenses for Sony E-Mount
05/08 - RED's $35,000 V-RAPTOR XL 8K Vista Vision camera is now available to pre-order
05/08 - Nikon’s Q1 results show Imaging Products profits up 48% YoY, revenue nearly matching pre-pandemic results
05/08 - Film Friday: The Alfie TYCH is a new half-frame 35mm camera in need of beta testers
05/08 - Skypersonic's remote control drone flies over volcano to prepare for NASA's simulated Mars mission
05/08 - Scientists use ALMA observatory to capture neutron star merger for the first time ever
04/08 - Panasonic Lumix DC-GH6 review
04/08 - Tamron is developing an Android app that will let you update and customize your lenses on-the-go
03/08 - James Webb Space Telescope shows unusual Cartwheel Galaxy in a new light
03/08 - Leaked images show off Pentax's new HD Pentax-D FA 100mm F2.8 Macro lens
03/08 - Canon says the camera market has 'largely bottomed out,' expects pro and 'advanced amateur' segments to grow
02/08 - Peter McKinnon unveils $95 camera tool with interchangeable bits, SD card slot and more
02/08 - Nikon adds linear focus mode to three of its Z-mount lenses via firmware update
02/08 - Remote ID for drones ruled constitutional. Is that a good or bad thing for drone owners?
02/08 - MSI Creator Z17 laptop review: Stealing Apple's thunder
01/08 - Video: DIY Perks creates a massive '35mm F0.4' equivalent lens for otherworldly bokeh
01/08 - ProGrade Digital unveils new dual SD/microSD UHS-II card reader with transfer speeds up to 625MB/s
01/08 - Sigma teases new product launch set to take place next week
01/08 - Canon EOS R7 sample gallery (DPReview TV)
30/07 - DPReview TV: Canon EOS R7 review
29/07 - Video: Watch this crazy contraption recover photos from a broken micro SD card
29/07 - Samyang announces second-generation $799 85mm F1.4 AF lens for Sony E-mount
29/07 - Video: Learn how Kodak develops and applies light-sensitive coating to its film (in the dark!)
29/07 - Film Friday: How Markus Hofstaetter uses 'smart home' tools to automate his darkroom and studio
28/07 - Micron ships its 232-layer 3D NAND flash with more storage, better performance and a smaller package size
28/07 - Photographer Reuben Wu uses drones to shed new light on Stonehenge for the National Geographic August cover
28/07 - Making sensor sizes less misleading
28/07 - DPReview TV: Sensor sizes don't make any sense. Fortunately, we fixed it.
28/07 - Tamron announces development of 50–400mm F4.5–6.3 Di III VC VXD lens for Sony E-mount

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