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20/08 - Who's tracking you? Facebook users to get more control over data
20/08 - U.S. conservatives say Facebook needs 'significant work' to address concerns: former senator
20/08 - Facebook's Libra faces EU antitrust probe: Bloomberg
20/08 - U.S. DoJ antitrust chief says working with states on Big Tech probe
20/08 - Goldman Sachs, China's Ping An back artificial intelligence firm
20/08 - Goldman CEO memo calls Apple Card 'a beginning' on launch day
20/08 - U.S. DoJ antitrust chief says working with states on tech investigation
20/08 - Swiss watchdog expects details on Facebook's Libra by end of month
20/08 - Ex-Republican senator: Facebook has 'significant work' to address conservatives' concerns
20/08 - Facebook users to see, control personal data taken from other websites
20/08 - On Apple Card launch day, Goldman CEO says card is 'a beginning': memo
20/08 - Intel launches first artificial intelligence chip Springhill
20/08 - Delivery robot firm Starship raises $40 million
20/08 - Former GOP senator: Facebook has 'significant work' to address conservatives concerns
20/08 - It's connected devices versus consoles at biggest e-games convention
20/08 - Pompeo: 'No mixed messages' from U.S. on Huawei
20/08 - Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi misses estimates as competition hots up at home
20/08 - Qualcomm strikes new licensing deal with LG
20/08 - Xiaomi posts 15% rise in second quarter revenue, below expectations
20/08 - Huawei founder details 'battle mode' reform plan to beat U.S. crisis
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20/08 - How four rotten packets broke CenturyLink's network for 37 hours, knackering 911 calls, VoIP, broadband
20/08 - Microsoft Chrom... Edge hits beta as new browser prepped for biz testing
20/08 - IBM hears the RISC-V kids partying next door, decides it will make its Power CPU ISA free, too
20/08 - Huawei goes all Art of War on us: Switches on 'battle mode' and vows to 'dominate the world'
20/08 - TSO Host no closer to solving customers' email issues as Brit firm pops up on more blacklists
20/08 - Python the latest language to slither into Microsoft's serverless Azure Functions service
20/08 - You monsters: Screen time murders your kid's imaginary friend – until they reach school age
20/08 - RIP Danny Cohen: The computer scientist who gave world endianness meets his end aged 81
20/08 - Microsoft shares twin previews of Windows 10 with Insiders: Toys for some, coal for others
20/08 - Squabbles over NASA's lunar lander, Astrobotics takes a punt on ULA and India arrives at the Moon
20/08 - Bunch of US states said to be preparing fresh antitrust investigation into Google 'n' pals
20/08 - Lenovo ThinkPad X390: A trusty workhorse that means business but it's not without a few flaws
20/08 - IBM, Intel tease 2020's specialist chips: Power9 'bandwidth beast' – and Spring Crest Nervana neural-net processor
20/08 - Breaker, breaker. Apple's iOS 12.4 update breaks jailbreak break, un-breaks the break. 10-4
20/08 - The Pwn Star State: Nearly two dozen Texas towns targeted by tiresome ransomware
20/08 - Behold, the quantum lawsuit in which both sides claim victory: Rimini St fails to bag $30m refund from Oracle
19/08 - Canadian ISP Telus launches novel solution to deal with excess email: Crash your servers and wipe it all
19/08 - Dear Planet Earth: Patch Webmin now – zero-day exploit emerges for potential hijack hole in server control panel
19/08 - Dear sysadmins: Patch Webmin now – zero-day exploit emerges for potential hijack hole in server control panel
19/08 - Generous Google gives Chrome users Inbox Zero: Sign-in outage boots own browser out of webmail, services
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20/08 - Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss are making a fourth Matrix movie
20/08 - 23 Texas towns hit by coordinated ransomware attack
20/08 - Netflix’s TV app can now remind you when new shows are released
20/08 - Apple TV Plus can afford to gamble $6 billion in a way that Disney and Hulu can’t
20/08 - Drako Motors’ 1,200-horsepower GTE is Silicon Valley’s latest crack at electric cars
20/08 - Gmail rolls out better, smarter spell check and grammar corrections for G Suite
20/08 - LGBTQ YouTubers love the site — that’s why they’re suing it
20/08 - The Justice Department is working with states on tech investigation, antitrust chief says
20/08 - I can’t wrap my feeble American brain around this massive bike parking garage in the Netherlands
20/08 - You should opt out of the Apple Card’s arbitration clause — here’s how
20/08 - The government’s plan to update rocket launch licensing is pissing off the commercial space industry
20/08 - Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser moves closer to release with new beta version
20/08 - Google’s lightweight Go search app is now available worldwide
20/08 - The phone case models use to subvert Instagram
20/08 - Facebook to hire veteran journalists to curate upcoming News Tab feature
20/08 - Illegal tournaments and rejected visas: Team Vietnam’s long road to the PUBG Nations Cup
20/08 - Facebook’s Clear History privacy tool finally begins rolling out in three countries
20/08 - YouTube shows have become a secret weapon for rising politicians
20/08 - How carbon nanotubes built this bizarre ultrablack material
20/08 - India’s lunar mission enters the Moon’s orbit ahead of landing attempt

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