Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:50:38 - General website news.
17/03 - Trump consultants harvested data from 50 million Facebook users: reports
17/03 - Facebook suspends data analytics firm that worked for Trump campaign
17/03 - Facebook suspends SCL, Cambridge Analytica for violating policies
17/03 - Former Qualcomm chairman Jacobs to exit board of directors
16/03 - Coca-Cola, U.S. State Dept to use blockchain to combat forced labor
16/03 - U.S. nuclear power regulator urged to reject limits on cyber protections
16/03 - Rocket Internet explores IPO of online shopping group Jumia: sources
16/03 - Over 100 countries agree to seek digital tax consensus by 2020: OECD
16/03 - U.S. court halts activities of four people in cryptocurrency schemes
16/03 - Qualcomm discussing Jacobs leaving board of directors: sources
16/03 - Istanbul taxi drivers go to court to seek shutdown of Uber
16/03 - Argentina prepares 4G spectrum auction that could raise $800 million: source
16/03 - French food retailer Leclerc takes on rivals to crack Paris
16/03 - Bike-sharing companies face an uphill ride in U.S.
16/03 -'s finance unit aims to raise $1.9 billion, valuation set to double: sources
16/03 - UK city Birmingham wants further details from Uber before license decision
16/03 -'s finance unit aims to raise $1.9 billion in fresh funding: sources
16/03 - Trading in Samsung Electronics to be halted April 30-May 3 for stock split
16/03 - Leshi shares plunge after 'white knight' chairman resigns
16/03 - Shares in China's Leshi tumble after 'white knight' chairman resigns
16/03 - Toyota, Uber in talks on self-driving tech: Nikkei
16/03 - China depository receipts to be launched soon: Shanghai Securities News
16/03 - With Qualcomm behind it, Broadcom looks to smaller deals
16/03 - U.S. tech companies win changes in bill to limit China access to technology
16/03 - Adobe tops estimates on higher Creative Cloud subscriptions
15/03 - Spotify touts growth over profits in listing pitch to retail investors
15/03 - With Qualcomm saga behind it, Broadcom tops estimates
15/03 - Broadcom tops revenue, profit on demand from smartphone makers
15/03 - Adobe results top estimates on higher Creative Cloud subscriptions
15/03 - UK's CMC Markets launches cryptocurrency trading
15/03 - Spotify shuns traditional IPO, pitches growth to retail investors
15/03 - China may adopt some of Germany's law on self-driving cars: expert
15/03 - Spotify says path to profits clear ahead of April 3 listing
15/03 - EU to propose 3 percent digital tax on turnover of large firms: draft
15/03 - Facebook Lite to launch in developed countries, including U.S
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17/03 - How Cambridge Analytica turned Facebook ‘likes’ into a lucrative political tool
17/03 - Why sexism is rife in Silicon Valley
16/03 - Welcome to Powder Mountain – a utopian club for the millennial elite
16/03 - Uber accused of silencing women who claim sexual assault by drivers
16/03 - Star Wars: Legion perfectly captures the saga's heart-pounding battles
16/03 - Facebook apologises for search suggestions of child abuse videos
16/03 - 'They'll squash you like a bug': how Silicon Valley keeps a lid on leakers
16/03 - Fake news is Twitter's flu: Chips with Everything podcast
15/03 - Twitter a 'particular challenge' for plans for online pornography age checks
15/03 - Spotify touts future profitability as it announces trading to begin in April
15/03 - Peter Thiel: Europe is cracking down on Silicon Valley out of 'jealousy'
15/03 - Uber offers to share journey data with London city planners
15/03 - US accuses Russia of cyber-attack on energy sector and imposes new sanctions
15/03 - Yakuza 6: The Song of Life review - gangster saga bids sayonara to its stoic hero
15/03 - Amazon's Japanese headquarters raided by nation's regulator
15/03 - Spotify is testing its own voice assistant to control your music
15/03 - Should I buy a NAS drive to back up my laptop?
15/03 - 'Not welcome here': Amazon faces growing resistance to its second home
15/03 - Meet the tech evangelist who now fears for our mental health
14/03 - Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes charged with 'massive fraud'
14/03 - PlayTable tablet uses blockchain technology to enhance board games
14/03 - Tomb Raider review – Alicia Vikander's Lara Croft is a badass bore
14/03 - WhatsApp sharing user data with Facebook would be illegal, rules ICO
14/03 - Facebook bans Britain First and its leaders
14/03 - Google bans bitcoin adverts in cryptocurrency crackdown
14/03 - Startup wants to upload your brain to the cloud, but has to kill you to do it
14/03 - Big data for the people: it's time to take it back from our tech overlords
14/03 - From kickass heroine to soppy student snowflake: the many lives of Lara Croft
14/03 - YouTube will use Wikipedia to help solve its conspiracy theory problem
13/03 - Lawsuit claims sexual harassment rife in Microsoft's 'boys' club atmosphere'
13/03 - 'Fight fire with fire': IMF's Lagarde calls for bitcoin crackdown
13/03 - Larry Page's Kitty Hawk unveils autonomous flying taxis
13/03 - Resident good: how video games can be used in church
13/03 - Muslim Cyber Army: a 'fake news' operation designed to derail Indonesia's leader
13/03 - Myanmar: UN blames Facebook for spreading hatred of Rohingya
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16/03 - Virtual cash helps cyber-thieves launder money, research suggests
16/03 - London wheelchair travellers get Google Maps help
16/03 - Biohacker fined for travel card implant
16/03 - US punishes 19 Russians over vote meddling and cyber-attacks
16/03 - NanoMap: How uncertainty helps this drone fly
16/03 - Adapt or die
16/03 - 'Ambulance to the future'
16/03 - Remote shoppers
16/03 - Rotten ideas
16/03 - Energy storage: the power of cold air
16/03 - A better way to care for dementia patients
15/03 - Rihanna: Snapchat guilty of 'shaming' domestic violence victims
15/03 - Omega Labyrinth Z anime game banned in the UK
15/03 - Fortnite: Drake and Ninja's Twitch battle gets huge crowd
15/03 - Amazon Japan offices raided in competition probe
15/03 - YouTube prankster jailed for shooting boyfriend dead
15/03 - Fail harder
14/03 - Facebook-WhatsApp data-sharing plan blocked by UK watchdog
14/03 - Etsy told to remove 'vile' cards
14/03 - Time limit 'protects YouTube moderators' from disturbing content
14/03 - Amazon recalls fire-risk power packs in UK, Europe and US
14/03 - Google bans crypto-currency adverts
14/03 - Will 'WhatsApping' money change India's e-payment market?
14/03 - South Korea gaming: Death by overwork sparks calls for change
13/03 - Millennial railcards sold out despite technical problems
13/03 - Google blames National Action failure on YouTube reviewers
13/03 - Fortnite players warned over hack attacks
13/03 - UK chancellor threatens new tech tax
13/03 - Apple-approved Mac Store app mined crypto-coins
13/03 - Brown and Rihanna ad pulled by Snapchat
13/03 - Self-flying air taxi lifts off in New Zealand
13/03 - UN: Facebook has turned into a beast in Myanmar
13/03 - The British Library's race to save old audio recordings
13/03 - Smart speakers tested
13/03 - Trump blocks Broadcom's bid for Qualcomm on security grounds
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17/03 - How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions
17/03 - The Future of Time Warner, Coming Soon to a Court Near You
17/03 - Qualcomm’s Ex-Chairman to Leave Amid Plans to Buy Company
16/03 - Encounters: Karlie Kloss Teaches Teenage Girls How to Code
16/03 - The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes and the Black Turtleneck
16/03 - The Shift: The Young and Brash of Tech Grow a Bit Older, and Wiser
16/03 - A Bold, Divisive Plan to Wean Californians From Cars
16/03 - Kelp Farms and Mammoth Windmills Are Just Two of the Government’s Long-Shot Energy Bets
16/03 - Tech Tip: How to Format Documents While Barely Lifting a Finger
16/03 - Bits: Kevin’s Week in Tech: Theranos, Fraud and the Failure to Fail
16/03 - Streaming Soon: A Fight Over AT&T, Time Warner, and the Future of TV
15/03 - Cyberattacks Put Russian Fingers on the Switch at Power Plants, U.S. Says
15/03 - Rihanna Protests Ad on Snapchat that Mocks Domestic Violence
15/03 - Tech Tip: Preserving Those Refrigerator-Door Masterpieces
15/03 - Pentagon Wants Silicon Valley’s Help on A.I.
15/03 - A Cyberattack in Saudi Arabia Had a Deadly Goal. Experts Fear Another Try.
14/03 - Lyft to Bring Driverless Car Tech to Broader Auto Industry
14/03 - Facebook Blocks Britain First, a Far-Right Anti-Muslim Group Promoted by Trump
14/03 - Op-Ed Contributor: Many Drugs and Many Doctors Lead to Many Mistakes
14/03 - Tech We’re Using: In Hollywood, Cutting the Cord and Other Disruptions
14/03 - Tech Tip: Taking Items Off the Mac’s Menu
14/03 - Broadcom Drops Bid for Qualcomm After Trump’s Intervention
14/03 - Google Bans Bitcoin Advertisements in Policy Change
14/03 - Trump’s Killing of Chip Deal Pushes Protectionism as It Invokes Security
13/03 - Even With Takeover Bid Blocked, Qualcomm ‘Is in a Tight Spot’
13/03 - Op-Ed Contributor: The Real Problem With Video Games
13/03 - Uncovering Instagram Bots With a New Kind of Detective Work
13/03 - DealBook: Larry Page’s Flying Taxis, Now Exiting Stealth Mode
13/03 - Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman Benefit From the Streaming Wars
13/03 - Tech Tip: Google’s Security Sweep for Apps
13/03 - Dropbox, Valued Privately at $10 Billion, Could Droop by 25% in I.P.O.
13/03 - The One Thing That Protects a Laptop After It’s Been Stolen
13/03 - Need a Lift? Check Out This Flying Taxi
13/03 - Trump Blocks Broadcom’s Bid for Qualcomm
12/03 - Broadcom’s Bid for Qualcomm May Be Headed for Rejection, U.S. Panel Warns
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17/03 - IoT Designers Seek Multimode Connectivity
16/03 - Why Are We Still Talking About Qualcomm?
16/03 - Broadcom Eyes New Acquisition Targets
16/03 - Report Quantifies Financial Benefits of 5G
16/03 - Motor Maker Revs Up for IoT
16/03 - Startup Runs Spiking Neural Network on Arm
15/03 - Analyst Lifts Chip Market Forecast to 15% Growth
15/03 - Foundry Pursues Custom Path
15/03 - First Malware to Attack Industrial Control Safety Systems
15/03 - 5G to Alter RF Front-End Landscape
14/03 - Oscilloscopes: Everything You Need to Know
14/03 - What to Expect at 5-nm-and-Beyond and What that Means for EDA
14/03 - A Different View of the U.S. Broadcom Decision
14/03 - Half of Notebooks Expected to Have SSDs
14/03 - Tribute to an American Classic
14/03 - Trump Precedent Won't Chill M&A
13/03 - UK Pumps $35 Million Into 5G Testing
13/03 - Optical Nets Prep for 400G, Beyond
13/03 - 12 Latest & Greatest Green Car Marvels
13/03 - Prophesee Foresees Event-Driven CIS, Lidar
13/03 - Time for 'Open Innovation,' Not Just Open Source
13/03 - Trump Trumps Broadcom's Bid for Qualcomm
12/03 - Google Seeds Latest SDN Effort
12/03 - Maja Systems, Presto Engineering Collaborate on mmWave IC Test
12/03 - Intel Reportedly Mulls Broadcom Bid
12/03 - Denso Commits to Rejuvenated Renesas
12/03 - 5 Thoughts on GF and Sanjay Jha
12/03 - Cyclicality in the Age of IoT
10/03 - Broadcom Moves to Assuage U.S. Fear Overs Qualcomm Bid
09/03 - Google Joins the Quantum Race
09/03 - Teardown: ST Grows Inside Samsung's S9
09/03 - Globalfoundries Names Caulfield CEO
09/03 - Semiconductor Fab Closures on the Rise
09/03 - AI Helps Bots Avoid Collisions
09/03 - The 10 Commandments of AI and its Potential for Malicious Use
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25/01 - Hate and violence around the globe? There’s an app for that.
25/01 - Samsung challenges Apple Watch with its new Gear Sport smartwatch
25/01 - Microsoft's mixed reality headsets could save VR
25/01 - Facebook says it will ban businesses from advertising if they share fake news
25/01 - Fitbit's Ionic smartwatch is here to take on the Apple Watch
25/01 - Meet Uber's pick for its next CEO
25/01 - Pogue's Basics: YouTube transcripts
25/01 - Galaxy Note 8 preview: Samsung's big bet
25/01 - The Essential Phone is a beautiful alternative to Apple's iPhone
25/01 - Norton's Core wants to be the ultimate watchdog for your home tech
25/01 - Your next smartphone's camera could get a huge improvement
25/01 - How companies leave your data online without your knowledge
25/01 - Google drops neo-Nazi site out of ‘immediate concern of inciting violence’
25/01 - Pogue's Basics: Alexa reminders
25/01 - NFL player lives on $60,000 a year thanks to what he learned from this book
25/01 - How the iPhone 8 and iOS 11 could make you a better photographer
25/01 - Motorola's Moto Z2 Force has an unbreakable screen, but it isn't flawless
25/01 - The best back-to-school tech deals at Amazon, Apple, Best Buy and Target
25/01 - Building a Lego robot can help you understand coding basics
25/01 - A massive EU privacy rule could bring an unexpected benefit for US consumers
25/01 - Pogue's Basics: The secret Start menu in Windows 10
13/01 - Acer's Swift 7 is the world's thinnest laptop, making yours look huge
13/01 - HTC's Vive Pro and wireless adapter make me want to love VR again
13/01 - Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant duke it out at CES 2018
13/01 - The weirdest tech of CES 2018
13/01 - Sennheiser co-CEO: Why we're betting on AR and VR with 3-D audio
13/01 - Honda wants to prove robots can help you, not kill you
13/01 - Ford will begin testing self-driving cars in an unnamed city
13/01 - Intel wants this drone to fly you around
13/01 - AMD CEO on chip security flaws: ‘We're absolutely all over this’
13/01 - Nvidia went all out for PC gaming at CES 2018
13/01 - What a security expert thought of a few new smart-home devices at CES 2018
15/12 - Test SS . 252
04/11 - Mother Angry After School's Robocall Keeps Mispronouncing Daughter's Name As A Racial Slur
28/09 - Twitter tests longer character limit
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:50:52 - New technology website news.
16/03 - Google Updates: Pay by Gmail, Allo in Windows, Doctor in the House
16/03 - Apple confirms education-focused event for 27 March
16/03 - Connexin drops out of next week's 4G and 5G spectrum auction
16/03 - Microsoft's 'biggest ever' SwiftKey update brings new toolbar and stickers
16/03 - BBC axes Robot Wars, again
16/03 - EU set to hit US tech firms with three per cent turnover tax
16/03 - Google confirms Android Wear is now Wear OS
16/03 - Apple planning 'keyless' MacBook keyboard based on haptic feedback
16/03 - HTC U12+ mega-leak confirms dual cameras, Snapdragon 845 internals
16/03 - DHS: Russia is behind cyber attacks targeting US infrastructure
16/03 - RottenSys: 'Aggressive' malware found pre-installed on five million Android devices
16/03 - Galaxy S9 deals, specs and news: Samsung starts shipping the Galaxy S9, S9+ globally
16/03 - UK gov ploughs £67m into fibre broadband voucher scheme for homes and SMBs
15/03 - Microsoft eyes-up the cloud as its gaming future beyond Xbox
15/03 - Linus Torvalds casts shade on CTS Labs' AMD CPU flaw disclosure
15/03 - Intel will introduce redesigned Spectre-proof CPUs this year
15/03 - Nintendo Labo has a secret 'Garage' mode to get kids into coding
15/03 - Spotify starts testing voice assistant on iOS amid rumours of smart speaker launch
15/03 - Microsoft wants bug hunters to go after Spectre and Meltdown-style flaws
15/03 - Microsoft AI can translate Chinese to English with human accuracy
15/03 - Google makes AI 'portrait mode' tech open source and opens up Maps API to gaming devs
15/03 - Space Industry Bill paves way for first commercial space flights from British soil
15/03 - Future smart cities could lift transport into the sky to solve congestion
15/03 - Equifax hack: SEC charges company's former CIO with insider trading
15/03 - Galaxy S9 deals, specs and news: Samsung is offering S9, S9+ users same-day repairs
15/03 - Samba rushes out fix for flaw that lets anyone change admin passwords
14/03 - Firefox 59 released with speed and privacy improvements
14/03 - Google and LG poised to show off retina-searing OLED VR display
14/03 - Google's NSynth Super is an AI synth made of Raspberry Pi
14/03 - WhatsApp agrees not to share data with Facebook following ICO probe
14/03 - Google will purge cryptocurrency ads come June
14/03 - Broadcom abandons plans to acquire Qualcomm following Trump veto
14/03 - Amazon will give Twitch Prime members free indie games every month
14/03 - Microsoft's Windows 10 Spring Creators update will be released in April
14/03 - Obituary: Professor Stephen Hawking 1942-2018
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17/03 - Nest reveals the first truly connected home
17/03 - Machines making music, translating Chinese, self-driving trucks, and more
17/03 - AMD security flaw saga, browsers broken, Lamo dead at 37, and more
17/03 - Nip/Tug: Plastic surgeon accused of mid-surgery 'hardcore' smut binge
17/03 - Oracle botherer Rimini Street brags of swelling fortunes – but hands tied on reinvesting cash
17/03 - Android Oreo mic drop fury: Google ups tempo for Pixel mobe audio fix
16/03 - FYI: AI tools can unmask anonymous coders from their binary executables
16/03 - Crypt-NO-coins: US city bans mining funbux on its electrical power grid
16/03 - Whois? More like WHOWAS: Domain database on verge of collapse over EU privacy
16/03 - Konichiw-aaaaargh! Amazon's Japanese HQ raided in antitrust probe
16/03 - told: Draw up code of practice for cops bulk-slurping car plates
16/03 - Crooks opt for Monero as crypto of choice to launder ill-gotten gains
16/03 - Neural networks whip fleshbag butt at identifying craters
16/03 - To Infinity Storage... and beyond! Cloudian gobbles Italian minnow
16/03 - Birmingham UK to Uber: Want a new licence? Tell us about your operating model
16/03 - UK mobe network Three's profits hit by IT upgrade costs
16/03 - Phone-free Microsoft patents Notch-free phone
16/03 - Brexit in spaaaace! At T-1 year and counting: UK politicos ponder impact
16/03 - Techies building UK web smut age check tools: You'll get a spec next week
16/03 - Brit retailer Currys PC World says sorry for Know How scam
16/03 - Hello, Spotify? Are you on? Perils and pratfalls of own-brand hardware
16/03 - Who knew? Fabric access NVMe arrays can work with Spectrum Scale
16/03 - I couldn't give a Greek clock about your IoT fertility tracker
16/03 - Brace yourselves, netadmins, there's a new cable on the market
16/03 - Just hours left to save hundreds on hours of CD, DevOps and more
16/03 - Taxpayers chuck burnt-out Bongs* millions of pounds to 'decelerate'
16/03 - Hate to add to the wanky jargon – but your digital transformation is actually a bolt-on
16/03 - Happy days are here again: 2017 set record for infrastructure sales
16/03 - Office junior had one job: Tearing perforated bits off tractor-feed dot matrix printer paper
16/03 - Ugh, of course Germany trounces Blighty for cyber security salaries
16/03 - Google buffs Chrome Enterprise with new tub of PartnerShine™
16/03 - Cyborg fined for riding train without valid ticket
16/03 - One in three Android Wear owners also uses ... an iPhone
16/03 - Boffins find sign of water existing deep into Earth's mantle by looking at diamonds
16/03 - FYI: There's a cop tool called GrayKey that force unlocks iPhones. Let's hope it doesn't fall into the wrong hands!
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17/03 - Elizabeth Harvest is a high-tech, twist-packed take on the Bluebeard fairy tale
17/03 - Ticket presales for Avengers: Infinity War have already surpassed Black Panther’s record
17/03 - 9 new trailers you should watch this week
17/03 - Samsung Galaxy S9 bundles, Microsoft Surface discounts, and more tech deals
17/03 - Gunpowder Moon is a chillingly realistic book about the fight to control the Solar System
17/03 - Hair dye: now with graphene to take away the frizz
17/03 - Facebook suspended Donald Trump’s data operations team for misusing people’s personal information
16/03 - L’Oreal acquires Modiface, a major AR beauty company
16/03 - iOS 11 bugs are so common they now appear in Apple ads
16/03 - Self-driving cars will use flashing lights and weird noises to ‘talk’ to pedestrians
16/03 - NASA wants your help checking its satellites — so send in your cloud pics
16/03 - RIP Matt Damon, who Terry Gilliam says has been ‘beaten to death’ by internet mobs
16/03 - Infinity War’s Thanos proves CGI supervillains are a terrible idea
16/03 - Hacker Adrian Lamo, known for hacking The New York Times and turning in Chelsea Manning, is dead
16/03 - This year’s SXSW was all about blockchain dreamers, cryptocurrency scammers, and everything in between
16/03 - Modern yachts have routers that allow root access and may be vulnerable to hackers
16/03 - The fate of the steering wheel hangs in the balance
16/03 - Alcatel’s first Android Go phone is coming to the US for under $100
16/03 - China will ban people with poor ‘social credit’ from planes and trains
16/03 - Microsoft wants to force Windows 10 Mail users to use Edge for email links
16/03 - Scolding female scientists for embracing Instagram doesn’t solve the gender gap in STEM
16/03 - EA reveals new simplified progression system for Star Wars Battlefront 2
16/03 - Adult Swim’s new music video for Run the Jewels’ Oh Mama is like a mini Rick and Morty episode
16/03 - Meal-ordering app Ritual exposes government employees’ office locations
16/03 - The Trump administration says Russian cyberattacks targeted US and European utility infrastructure
16/03 - Facebook apologizes for autocomplete child abuse video suggestions
16/03 - Courtney Barnett floats off into space in Need a Little Time
16/03 - How to turn off Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, and Note 8
16/03 - Krypton’s showrunner on the show’s complex politics and alien design
16/03 - Google Pay for Wear OS devices comes to Canada, Spain, and Australia
16/03 - Vergecast: explaining a Spotify trial, Siri, and a whole bunch of gadgets
16/03 - Plattsburgh has become the first city in the US to ban cryptocurrency mining
16/03 - Nintendo’s new Kirby is the rare co-op game that’s fun to play with kids
16/03 - Apple announces March 27th event focusing on education
16/03 - The Samsung Galaxy S9 is now available
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:51:12 - General website news.
16/03 - 3S expects revenues and gross margin to fall in 1Q18
16/03 - Catcher to buy stake in Career Tech
16/03 - Siemens announces MindSphere and investment in Taiwan
16/03 - ChipMOS Shanghai to target memory IC
16/03 - Wind power training company to be formed in Taiwan
16/03 - SAS Taiwan expects double-digit growth in 2018
16/03 - LG intros notebooks in Taiwan
16/03 - Asustek launches ZenFone 5Q in Taiwan
16/03 - ChipMOS optimistic about COF packaging, demand for NOR and niche-market DRAM
16/03 - Pegatron upbeat about 1H18
16/03 - IC Insights raises 2018 chip market growth forecast
16/03 - Foxconn promotes personal smart health management in Taiwan
16/03 - ShunSin swings to profit in 4Q17
16/03 - Delta Electronics to showcase solutions at Light+Building 2018
16/03 - Lite-On Tech to attend Auto Tech 2018
16/03 - Lextar 2017 gross margin hits 6-year high
16/03 - Acer to reach third stage of business transformation
16/03 - Tech startup incubation on course to flourish in Taiwan
16/03 - IC distributors seeing upbeat demand for niche-market apps
15/03 - ASMedia posts record profit for 2017
15/03 - Garmin Pay launched in Taiwan
15/03 - China city selects PV power project undertakers
15/03 - IC designer Weltrend to enforce 20% capital reduction in June
15/03 - Wistron dismisses report about suspension over faulty iPhone production
15/03 - Tatung completes PV power plant in northern Taiwan
15/03 - Largan recruiting workers for new plants
15/03 - GET turns profitable in 4Q17
15/03 - Chipmakers to cash in on imminent launch of new Intel, AMD CPUs
15/03 - Advantech to buy 25% stake in Turkey distributor Alitek
15/03 - TSMC seeing tight capacity for cryptocurrency mining chips
15/03 - Top-5 notebook vendors see slight shipment growth in February, says Digitimes Research
15/03 - Challenges looming for Foxconn IIoT arm after going public
15/03 - UR, Quanta Storage gearing up to enhance cobot sales deployments
15/03 - Foxconn top smartphone manufacturer in 4Q17, says IDC
15/03 - Taiwan Star expects positive EBITDA in 2018
Mise à jour le 01/01/1970 à 01:00:00 - General website news.
06/12 - Comcast xFi Advanced Gateway Modem/Router
05/12 - Harman Kardon – Home Speaker with Cortana
03/12 - OnePlus 5T - Star Wars Limited Edition
02/12 - Samsung Galaxy A8+ - Leaked Images Online
30/11 - ASRock Z370 Killer – Powerful VR Ready Motherboard
29/11 - Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus – Big Reveal on December 7th
28/11 - Huawei Honor V10 – Officially Announced in China
27/11 - Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop – Cyber Monday Special
25/11 - Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 520 27-inch – Sleek Design with Premium Features
24/11 - LG 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV - 65" Class (64.5" Diag)
23/11 - Samsung S9 & S9 Plus – May arrive January 2018
23/11 - Huawei Mate 10 Pro – Excellent Quality with Water Resistance
21/11 - MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming – Ultimate Gaming Customization
20/11 - Gionee S11 – Scheduled to Arrive November 26
13/11 - Gigabyte GA-Z270-Gaming K3 – With Smart Fan 5
13/11 - Things that Apple didn’t tell about iPhone X
12/11 - Samsung Flip Phone W2018 – Leaked
12/11 - IBM reveals record-breaking ‘quantum chandelier’ in race to revolutionize computing
11/11 - Samsung introduces Exynos 9810 SoC, for Galaxy S9 smartphone
11/11 - PiJuice – The Portable Power Supply for Raspberry Pi
10/11 - Nokia 8 – Android Oreo soon available
10/11 - MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio
09/11 - MSI Gaming Pro Carbon ATX – The 8th Gen Intel Core Motherboard
09/11 - The CEO confirms, OnePlus 5T won’t feature wireless charging
08/11 - NichePhone-S arrives in Japan on November 10
08/11 - Panasonic’s Lumix G9 is a promising Sony lookalike
07/11 - AORUS Z370 Motherboard – Fast, Armored, and Cool
07/11 - Intel and AMD team up announcement
06/11 - ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe – Maximum connectivity speeds with Thunderbolt 3
06/11 - Key Features? Maybe Not!
05/11 - HTC VR – Stand Alone VR may China November 14th.
05/11 - Kaspersky acknowledges taking inactive files in pursuit of hackers
04/11 - Roku Streaming Stick+ with 4k HDR
04/11 - Galaxy S8 Infinitely Amazing
03/11 - OnePlus 5T – Arrives around mid-November with headphone jack
Mise à jour le 17/03/2018 à 18:51:17 - General website news.
17/03 - Uber may offer its self-driving technology to Toyota
17/03 - Court axes FCC robocall rule for being too broad
17/03 - Facebook suspends Trump-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica (update: response)
17/03 - The Infiniti QX80 is too pricey to have this little tech
17/03 - Bite-sized, black-and-white game 'Minit' lands April 3rd
17/03 - NASA wants your pictures of clouds to verify its satellites’ data
17/03 - Standalone Oculus Go headset could debut at Facebook's F8 event
16/03 - Karlie Kloss' coding camp covers more cities and languages this year
16/03 - Microsoft tests forcing Windows Mail users to open links in Edge
16/03 - Alcatel’s Android Go phone is headed to the US
16/03 - When China hoards its hackers everyone loses
16/03 - Vanguard I has spent six decades in orbit, more than any other craft
16/03 - ‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ brings dinosaurs to your phone this Spring
16/03 - Microsoft is giving away 'Sea of Thieves' with Xbox purchases
16/03 - iPad users can beta test Microsoft’s Edge browser now
16/03 - '#WarGames' is the 'Rosemary's Baby' of interactive cinema
16/03 - Facebook search briefly suggested sexual content involving kids
16/03 - 'Battlefront II' will finally make in-game progression fair next week
16/03 - The Puffco Peak vaporizer is a quick hit of concentrated genius
16/03 - Inside Google’s plan to build a smart neighborhood in Toronto
16/03 - Alexa's 'Brief Mode' makes the digital assistant way less chatty
16/03 - The best gaming mouse
16/03 - Food app Ritual is sharing users' precise workplace information
16/03 - New Yorker applied machine learning to blocked bike lane problem
16/03 - One year later, Bixby is still half-baked
16/03 - A New York town just placed a moratorium on crypto mining
16/03 - ThinkPad X1 Yoga review (2018): Flexibility comes at a cost
16/03 - Apple is holding an education-focused event on March 27th
16/03 - A 'Narcos' video game is on the way for PC and consoles
16/03 - Google joins forces with band OK Go to create classroom activities
16/03 - Ubisoft revives 'Might & Magic' as a mobile strategy RPG
16/03 - Audi Sport's e-tron GT will be based on Porsche's Mission E
16/03 - The Morning After: Toys 'R' Us is shutting down
16/03 - Mickey and Minnie AR Emoji arrive in time for Galaxy S9 launch
16/03 - Ron Gilbert's 'Thimbleweed Park' gets physical collector's editions

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